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10 Applications That Suck Up Your Android Battery

10 Applications That Suck Up Your Android Battery


Does your Android smartphone battery need to be recharged more often than it should? Do not take suspicious on the battery leak. It could be your installed applications that make it run out more quickly. According to security software AVG, there are 10 applications that may cause the running out of smartphone battery. Check these out!

1. Facebook
Almost everyone has this application, because almost everyone has a Facebook account. This application will suck up your battery power because of its continual update syncing on your timeline. To save some power, you can deactivate the auto sync or auto update mode on your account. Or simply sign out from the application to save more.

2. Google Play Services
Google Play Services is the main application to download new app or update to the latest version. This app often gives notifications that will affect your smartphone’s battery power and storage capacity. Whenever you download an app, your battery power is sucked up too.

3. Facebook Pages Manager
This app is used to manage the Facebook Page where you are the admin. It gives notifications of any progress on your page, anything from the comment, like, and data analysis. Of course, these notifications take up your smartphone’s battery.

4. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
Now that the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) can cross platforms, it sucks up power as it keeps refreshing the incoming messages from the push notification.

5. Instagram
The application shows images and videos on your timeline so it takes more of your battery and data package. To save them, sign out from your accounts and use them only when it is necessary. Or, use it only when you get Wi-Fi connection.

6. Facebook Messenger
Same as the BBM, Facebook Messenger also keeps refreshing messages and gives push notification for new messages so it sucks up battery.

7. Snapchat
Because the contents in this app are in photos and videos, the battery runs out faster when you use it. If your smartphone’s camera is also active, the battery power is sucked up even faster.

8. Samsung ChatOn
Instant messaging application always sucks up battery, like this app from Samsung. This chatting application for Samsung users will also makes your battery run out quickly.

9. LINE: Free Calls & Messages
You can see from the Google Play Services that LINE takes up so much memory space in your smartphone. This application also sucks up battery, especially that the contents contain audio stickers and animation, plus the push notifications for new messages.

10. Netflix
The contents in Netflix are in video format, so watching from your smartphone will take up much of your battery because the video keeps on loading. Use Wi-Fi connection to save both your battery and data package.