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10 Keys for a Successful Career

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
03, October 2017

Everyone required to do their best, for every single thing, like work. You need the ability to endure competitive work lifestyle. Rather work on a team or alone, you are going to face competition. Here are 10 keys you can use to achieve career success also being responsible at work.

1. Passion

Heavy workload leads to poor performance of employees. Makes commitments, makes boundaries between your work and personal life. Finished your tasks before day off. Do not let pile of tasks pressure you into relaxing time. Also make sure you have enough relaxing time to really recharge and refresh.

2. Dishonest

Dishonest indicates that someone may not be the most untrustworthy. That is why you should say the truth. Even there is a chance, really big chance, do not ever think about cheating. 

3. Punctuality

Arrive on time and back home in time. Arrive 15 minutes early can be a plus point for new employees. Your supervisor or boss will notify the discipline one. When you arrive on time for work, it shows that you are capable of honoring your word.

4. Schedule

Creating work timeline visuals you as modern and professional look. A proposed timeline gives you dates and action steps for every single thing you do. Make a list of your priority, what should be done now or later. Beautiful timeline also anticipate the steps involved.

5. Tolerance

Use your free time to establish timeline or helping your co-workers. It proves that you can work as a team also indicates willingness to be a positive contributor at workplace. 

6. Open minded

One of the best ways to achieve success is open minded. You do not need to be irritated by every little thing. Not all of criticism is meant to hurtful, there is also positive criticism. How you handle it makes all the difference. 

7. Learn from mistakes

We make mistakes every day. In every mistake the is a potential for growth. Do not waste any mistake, learn from it. Show them that you can live and learn from mistakes you have made.

8. Proactive

Your supervisor, boss will notify someone who is pretty active. For example, participate in the meeting and pay attention, think before you speak, make sure what you say is relevant to the topic being discussed. Do not lose your temper if your supervisor or boss decline your advice. 

9. Respect each other

Treating everyone with respect and dignity, it will creates bond of trust. Respect for others and other people’s respect for you.

10. Love your work

A lot of ways to enrich your work experiences. If your job is unfit with your passion, look at the bright side. You can enrich your experiences, in new ways which will be useful someday. 





Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani