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10 Must Try Foods

10 Must Try Foods

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Snacks from traditional market usually come in cheap price but have delicious taste. Not only that, they are also in various kinds and appealing, just like the snacks at Pasar Santa. Pasar Santa is a rising market and youngsters in Jakarta really like to visit this place. Besides it is a place that sells daily needs, this market is also known as a culinary heaven. This time, Check In Jakarta will talk about 10 appealing snacks that you have to try at Pasar Santa.

1. Cublak

Cublak offers one of Bandung’s signature snacks, that is seblak. Seblak is a food that made from crackers. At Cublak, you can find seblak which cooked by boiling it until tender and then the seblak is pan-fried with other condiments such as meatballs, vegetables, eggs, or noodles. The taste is savory and spicy. This Cublak’s dish is one of people’s favorite dishes at Pasar Santa. Curious to try?

2. Ladies Who Baked

Crumble cake, which is a cake from Germany, is this outlet’s signature dish. This cake is made with various fruits that made different flavors, such as Cherry Crumble, Plum Crumble, Blueberry Crumble, Orange Mandarin Crumble, and Choco Chrispy. The owner is the celebrity, Rianti Cartwright and her business partner. Besides at Pasar Santa, Ladies Who Baked also has several branches in Jakarta.

3. Tako Cat

Taco is a Mexican food. But the taco that Tako Cat served has a fusion between Mexican and Korean. The taco here is served in a bowl with the concept of ‘Taco in a Bowl’. And then, the taco is seasoned with Korean spices. Such unique and innovative dish, right?

4. Bar-Na-Na

The signature dish of this outlet is the banana ice. Bar-Na-Na offers banana ice with various toppings and sauces. Bar-Na-Na serves frozen banana on a stick and then dipped into chocolate sauce until the sauce is rigid, covering the banana. After the sauce, you can add another topping such as Crispy Milo, Nutella, and chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

5. Kantin SD

Kantin SD means elementary school canteen. Just like the name, this outlet sells Indonesian elementary school snacks, such as Chiki Chuba, coin-shaped chocolate, Tac candy, or the umbrella candy. But the signature of this outlet is the Kue Cubit. This snack is identical with elementary school snack. Usually, this snack is made of plain batter cooked and topped with chocolate sprinkles. But Kantin SD has modified the snack with other flavors such as green tea and taro. You can also order it in half cooked, which made a melting sensation when eating it. Yummy!

6. Sepotong Kue

This outlet sells unique and delicious pastry. There are choux, pie, and risoles. For the choux, there are several filling such as custard, ice cream, and fruits. What makes it unique is there is also green tea flavored choux. For the pie, you can choose from fruit pie to meat pie. Which one do you like?

7. Roti Eneng

Roti Eneng is an outlet selling toasted bread. They have a delicate and savory taste of toast. Roti Eneng serves toasted bread with many flavors, such as cinnamon sugar, hazelnut with Nutella and Ovomaltine, chocolate almond, cream cheese blueberry, cheese, and cream cheese cinnamon. Don’t forget to order Ice Choco Sea Salt and Almond Milk which are the signature drinks of Roti Eneng. The price here ranges between Rp15.000,- until Rp25.000,-.

8. Lumpia Mas Miun

Lumpia (Indonesian spring roll) at Lumpia Mas Miun has a different look form the usual one. They have variations of unique menus. Such as Lumpia Basah Original, Lumpia Basah Seafood, Lumpia Basah Sosis, Lumpia Basah Baso, Lumpia Basah Jamur, Lumpia Basah Tongkol, Lumpia Basah Rendang, Lumpia Basah Udang, Lumpia Basah Cumi, Lumpia Basah Kerang, and Lumpia Basah Spesial with different filling from fish, sausage, mushroom, to rendang. The taste will make you come back for more. You can order it spicy if you are a spicy lover.

9. Beyond Cendol & Durian

This outlet sells durian ice and cendol ice (Indonesian dessert made of rice flour with coconut milk and palm sugar). But, the durian ice and cendol ice here varied in many flavors and toppings, such as avocado, black sticky rice, brownies, Nutella, Ovomaltine, caramel, Toblerone, Oreo chocolate, green tea, strawberry, grass jelly, and bubble. This outlet has 8 chairs and designed with the superhero theme. And that makes this outlet unique and eye-catching.

10. Jang Manies

When you come here, try the Miauw menu which is the signature menu of this outlet. Miauw is a coconut ice cream served with many flavors and toppings such as jelly, coconut jelly, choco chips, colorful candies, and fruits. Make sure you also order Yakuza, which is a mixture of sour milk with lychee that can lighten up your day. Jang Manies also serves other enjoyable snacks.


Pasar Santa, Jl. Wolter Monginsidi, West Rawa, Special Capital Region of Jakarta