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10 Recommendations of Café & Resto for Fast Breaking Time

10 Recommendations of Café & Resto for Fast Breaking Time

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Ramadhan month tends to be the time to tighten your relationship with big families and also friends. You can do that by having fast breaking moment together. Even before the holy month comes, invitations for fast breaking event have been spread among your colleagues, right? That’s why you have to read these 10 recommendations of café and resto that suitable for your fast breaking event!

1. Martabak Bandung Raya
Martabak (Indonesian pancake) is one of the favored snacks for fast breaking. Either the savory or sweet ones will cheer both your taste bud and tummy. Moreover, you can find many new flavors that being the hippest ones at Martabak Bandung Raya, such as KitKat green tea, Ovomaltine, Nutella, and Toblerone. There is also savory martabak that you can choose to be made by chicken eggs, kampong chicken eggs, or duck egg. Enjoy also the freshness of ice beverages such as Es Campur, Es Kelapa Muda (coconut), Es Cincau (grassjelly), or fresh juices to accompany your fast breaking meal. Such a complete choice, right? You can read the complete info here. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/834

2. Dapoer Roti Bakar
If you prefer to begin the fast breaking with light meals, these toasts can be a recommendation. Moreover, the toast served by Dapoer Roti Bakar has many flavor varieties with thick bread. One of which is Roti Bakar Niagara that has festive appearance by 7 colors of chocolate topping! Curious? Read the full review here. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/845

3. Journey Coffee
The various choices of food and beverage here will suit you who want to taste a few menus at once. Starting from light meals such as Roti Canai, Mini Churros, and Journey’s Risoles, until the heavy ones like pizza, pasta, fried rice, to noodle and kway teow. The beverage is undoubtedly tempting, there are blended, latte, and also tea and refreshing squash. Yummy! Just choose what you favor the most. Read the complete article here. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/693

4. Brownbag
The main attraction of this café is their sandwich. You must try the Steak Sandwich consists of focaccia bread, Australian beef, cheese, and fresh vegetables such as tomato, lettuce, and onion. There is also vegetarian menu that will melt your heart like Veg All Out, consists of mushroom, sundried tomato, olive, onion, drizzled by tomato sauce and melted cheese. Hmmm… Make sure to hold your drool until the Maghrib time comes! Are there other foods served by this café? Of course! Read more about them here. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/971

5. Clea Tea Bar & Lounge
Oops, wait a minute! Although this place brings the name of bar, but this one is a tea bar. Clea Tea Bar & Lounge serves varieties of tea that will suit your fast breaking time. From black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, flavored tea, to tea frappe. Isn’t it complete? They also have food menu such as spring roll, pempek (Indonesia’s Palembangnese fish cake), soup, and also pasta. It is not only a place where you can do snacking, but Clea Tea Bar & Lounge also has florist that will spoil you with the beautiful flowers display. Read more about the detail in this article. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/293

6. Lot 9 Bintaro
This place will match your needs to have fast breaking with a group of friends. The spacious area along with green ambience and breezy air that will freshen your mind. How about the choice of food? Don’t worry! There are Ayam Rica-Rica, Gurame Acar Kuning, Nasi Goreng Cakalang, and Martabak Manis Lot 9 which you shouldn’t miss. Refreshing beverages with unique names are also ready to be your order, such as AADC which is a mix of apple, passion fruit, syrup, and ice. Hmmm… delightful! For more complete review, click this link. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/932

7. Segoan
For you who prefer rice dish for fast breaking, Segoan will be your perfect choice. Because they serve rice dishes menu that you can choose the side dishes variation. You can start by choosing the rice selections, from white rice, brown rice, or savory rice. And then, you choose the side dishes. Some of them are Ayam Goreng Bumbu Rujak, Ayam Bakar, Iga Penyet, Krengsengan Lidah Sapi, Cumi Tinta, and many more! Try also the drinks Es Sirup Tjampolay or SAP Moka that ready to bring you to a nostalgic moment. Read the complete info in this article. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/715

8. Bunga Rampai
If you want to have a fancy fast breaking time, Bunga Rampai can be the spot. The fine dining restaurant located in Menteng has elegant, classic, and classy atmosphere. The menu is also no doubt. From the appetizers to desserts are available here. Iga Cabe Ijo, Ayam Anyelir, Sate Bunga Rampai, Gurame Onje Telur Asin, and other selections will suit for a la carte order. Don’t forget to order Es Cantik Djelita or Es Kopyor Alpukat to begin your fast breaking. Check out the complete info in this article. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/674

9. Kopi Tan
This spot can be the place for fast breaking after office with your friends. Located in SCBD area, Kopi Tan will be easy to reach. Moreover, it has a homey ambience that will make you love to stay longer accompanied by the Peranakan and Malay menu. You can start with Kaya Toast and Roti Bakar for the food also Ys Njonja Punch that can be shared as the fresh pitcher drink. If you want to go straight to the heavy meals, they have Wonton Mee, Nasi Hainan, Patin Bakar Bamboe, or Dory Sambal Mangga you can try. Hmm… such a delicacy! Read more info in this article. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/871

10. Gourmet Kemang
If you are bored with the common menu, it will not happen if you visit Gourmet Kemang. The food menus here vary from Japanese, Western, to Asian. It’s a feast of sushi, donburi, hot dog, sandwich, fried rice, oxtail soup, to laksa. The cozy place with high ceiling will make this place look so spacious and create a new ambience for your dining moment. Guaranteed your fast breaking time will be more fun here! Read the full review in this article. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/683