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10 Ways to Start Monday with More Vibrant

10 Ways to Start Monday with More Vibrant


Many working people often feel so lazy to start the week (re: Monday). Because it takes 5 more days until weekend. Moreover if the week is full of schedule with high pile of work. It will certainly affect someone’s mood to start the week. Relax, Monday will be more fun if you start it with these ways:

1. Exercise in the Morning
Start your day with exercising in the morning. Besides to gather your “soul” to start Monday, exercising can give health benefits to your body. Besides that, exercise is also good for your blood circulation so you will feel fresher.

2. Eat Fatty Breakfast
Don’t ever miss breakfast because it is important to for your health and also increase your focus. To start the day, try to eat fatty food such as fish, egg, avocado, nuts, grains, and food that contains Omega-3. In a study written by Journal of Clinical Investigation, it shows that people who consume fatty foods will get a comfortable effect, and also can make you avoid negative thoughts and high emotions.

3. Watch TV and Update the News from Social Media
You can watch TV while having your breakfast. At the same time, you will gain more knowledge from news or TV shows. You can also read and find the newest info from social media. Listening and reading are one of small “warming up” before you start a long day.

4. Listen to Your Favorite Radio or Music
Listening to radio can make you gain more knowledge as well as entertaining yourself. Moreover if the announcer like to tell some jokes. It will definitely make your feeling more positive about Monday. Listening to music while you are on your way to the office can also make you more excited. So, stay tuned and keep listening to the music!

5. Browse Online Shop
Well, looking at online shop is definitely tempting and challenges you from interesting offer such as discount. But it is okay if you would like to check your favorite online shop. Who knows there is a stuff that you are looking for with cheaper price than the market. Not bad, huh?

6. Make Work Plan
Once you arrived at the office, you better make your work plan for a week. Check again if you have meeting appointments with client this week, or is there any work from your boss that needs to be done before the deadline? With making work plan, it will help your work better and systematically.

7. Start the Easy Job
To start a priority job, it is important to build excitement. But how? Try to do and finish easier job that don’t need a long time to finish it. With finishing that job, you will be more triggered to step up and finish the priority job.

8. Eat Chocolate
Yes, eating chocolate can make your mood calm and content. Based on a research by University of Nottingham, drinking chocolate that rich of flavanol will increase blood flow to the brain cells for 2-3 hours. This can increase your awareness and also the performance of your brain in a short term. If you are stressed because of your work, it is better for you to consume dark chocolate. Because dark chocolate will help reduce stress.

9. Plan a Holiday
Even it is still the beginning of the week, it is okay to plan a holiday either solo vacation or with friends. Try to browse destinations, hotel, and plane tickets. For example, you are planning to do short vacation on weekend to Bali or Yogyakarta. It will make you excited to face Monday and the next days.

10. Meet Your Friends
Call your friends or partner and make an appointment to meet at your favorite café to spend time enjoying dinner after work. Why not? This will help you on facing Monday easier. Besides affecting your feeling and your spirit, actively socializing will also help you out from boredom.