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10 Years Working Afgan Holds a Decade Concert

By Isny Dewi R

01 July 2019

Afgan will hold a Decade concert in Jakarta.

Afgansyah Reza or better known as Afgan, has been busy preparing for her decade concert in Jakarta for the past year. Previously a similar concert was held in the neighboring country, Malaysia last year.

The Afgan Decade concert will be held on August 9 at Istora Senayan in Central Jakarta. The concert is promoted by One Step Forward and partnered with as a ticket sales partner. Concert tickets are divided into five categories, Silver (Rp 450 thousand), Festivals (Rp 650 thousand), Gold (Rp 850 thousand), Platinum (Rp 1.5 million), and Diamond (Rp 3 million).

The concert itself is Afgan 10-year concert. Later, Afgan will collaborate with a number of renowned Indonesian musicians such as Rendy Pandugo, Dipha Barus, and Marion Jola.

Afgan debuted in music through the hit single Terima Kasih Cinta which was released in 2008. This song was included in his first album Confession No. 1. Followed with an EP and studio album, Bersihkan Dirimu (2009), The One (2010), L1ve To L0ve, L0ve To L1ve (2013), Sides (2016), and Dekade (2018).



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