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This Community Invites People to Share Books for Indonesian Children

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
13, August 2019

Formed since May 2002 in Jakarta, the 1001 Buku Community was founded out of concern for the limited access of most Indonesian children to quality books. Upik Djalins, Ida Sitompul and Santi Soekanto are the three great women behind the community. 1001 Buku opens access for Indonesian children to get quality reading through their activities.

Some activities this community do include collecting books from people and sorting them by selecting books that are good for children and adults as well as those still worth reading. Then, 1001 Buku will distribute the books to several regions in Indonesia.

Until now there are at least 950 reading parks throughout Indonesia, where the majority are in Java. Within a year, this community can send books 10 times with a total of tens of thousands of books sent.

During 17 years, the community has experienced many things. Even though they didn’t get paid, 1001 Buku members consistently persisted in order to maintain the interest in reading Indonesian children. There is also a lot of support from the reading parks asking them not to stop. The community also hopes that in the future 1001 Buku can embrace other literacy communities to take part in guarding Indonesian literacy for the better.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.