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12 Fun Recreation Spot in Jakarta

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01, October 2015

Jakarta is a Metropolitan City that offers various interesting recreation spots to visit. Many local and international tourists visit Jakarta to enjoy the city atmosphere and its recreation spot. Want to know what are the interesting spots and must visit in this capital city of Indonesia? Stay tuned!

1. Kawasan Kota Tua
This area, also known as Old City Area, is often visited by local and international tourist. The reason is this area was the downtown area in colonial era. As the time goes by, this place still has old and full of history building from Dutch heritage. This area is protected by the local government, Pemprov DKI Jakarta, as a historical heritage area. Here you can find Fatahillah Museum, Puppet Museum, Batavia Café, Toko Merah, Bank Mandiri Museum, Kota Station, and many more. If you like historical things, you would love this place.

2. Monas
Monas is an abbreviation of Monumen Nasional (National Monument). The 132 meters-tall monument is a symbol of Indonesian fight for independence. The location is right in front of Istana Merdeka and next to Gambir Station. Monas is often known Jakarta’s city icon. You can enter the monument and see the history of Indonesia’s independence. Also you can see Jakarta’s panorama view from the top of this monument. Amazing!

3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)
If you want to see Indonesia in one place, this is the right place. Taman Mini Indonesia is a summary of Indonesian culture from Sabang until Merauke, which includes the daily living of Indonesian people. In TMII, there are also 15 museums that are interesting to visit. Don’t forget to visit Keong Emas IMAX Theatre and Tanah Airku Theatre when visiting TMII.

4. Ragunan Zoo
Do you know that this zoo is the first zoo in Indonesia? Yes, this zoo was located in Cikini area with the name of Planten En Dierentuin, which means plants and zoo. This place was managed by Batavia’s Flora and Fauna Lover Association, that was once named Culturule Vereniging Planten en Dierentuin at Batavia. Founded in 1864, this zoo was a gift from Raden Saleh. In 1960s, this zoo was moved to Ragunan area by the government. Until now, Ragunan Zoo is one of the favorite recreation spots when tourists visit Jakarta.

5. Dunia Fantasi (Dufan)
This place is located in Ancol area and never loses its crowd. Dufan is a theme park that has many exciting rides to try such as Halilintar, Kora-Kora, Tornado, Niagara, and other exciting rides that you have to try when visiting this place. Starting from kids, teenagers, and family are the regular visitors of this theme park.

6. Fatahillah Museum
For you who love history, don’t forget to visit Fatahillah Museum or Jakarta Museum. This building was the Dutch’s governor general house and also functioned as City Hall in colonial era. This building was built in 1710 and has collections of epigraph and ancient relics. Below this building, there is an underground prison. Here, one of Indonesia’s heroines from Aceh, Cut Nyak Dien, was once been imprisoned.

7. Ocean Eco Park
Want to do outdoor activity that is fun but still eco-friendly? Ocean Eco Park is the perfect place to do outdoor activities such as outbound, paintball, cycling, or even canoeing. Besides that, you can also learn how to do organic farming, get to know kinds of renewal energy and eco-friendly at Rumah Energi, and also visiting Rumah Lebah to learn how natural honey is produced.

8. Gajah Museum
This museum is located across to Monas. If you are taking Busway, you can get off at the Transjakarta Monas stop. On the front yard, there is an elephant statue, so you will have no trouble on finding the museum. Here you can find many kinds of epigraph from Indonesia’s ancient kingdom, ancient human, ceramics, and other ancient historical stuff. This museum has been expanded so visitors can enjoy this museum in two different ambiences. Historical atmosphere can be felt in the old building and modern atmosphere can be felt in the new building. You will have a special experience when visiting this place.

9. Thousand Islands
These islands are on the north of Jakarta. Known as one of interesting destinations in Indonesia. If you like beach atmosphere, diving, and snorkeling, these islands can be your perfect destination. Other than that, Thousand Islands often become honeymoon destination to newlyweds. Macan Island, Air Island, Pramuka Island, Tidung Island, and Pari Island are several tourists’ favorite destination.

10. Mandiri Museum
This museum is located in Old City Area. Known with the magnificent and luxurious building just like the buildings in European countries. This museum has collections of banking activities. Some collections you can see here are ancient currency, valuable documents, safe deposit, money trunk, mechanic machine, calculator, bookkeeping machine, cedar press bundle, seal press, deposit certificate, check, debenture, and stock. Many people also use this building as the background for pre-wedding photo of the future bride and groom.

11. Waterbom Jakarta
If you like water recreation, this place can be the perfect place to have a recreation with family or friends. This waterbom is a branch from Waterbom Bali. It is admitted as one of the best waterbooms in the world with international standard equipment and tools. This place is the perfect place for family because kids would love playing water in here. It will be exciting, challenging, and of course fun!

12. Puppet Museum
On November 7, 2003, UN decided to admit that wayang (Indonesian traditional puppet) is a world heritage that should be preserved. This museum shows various kinds of wayang that made from wood, leather, and other materials. There are 4000 wayangs such as wayang kulit, wayang golek, wayang kardus, wayang rumput, wayang janur, wayang beber, masks, dolls, and also gamelan. Besides that, this museum has also collected wayang from other country countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, and antique dolls from Europe.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina