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12 Interesting Facts About Twitter

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31, August 2015

We all know that Twitter is one of the popular social media nowadays. Almost all the people from many backgrounds have their own Twitter account. They use it to tell about themselves, what they do, what they like, and even to promote their business. It’s undeniable that Twitter expands rapidly and super effective for marketing strategy. Behind all of those, there are some interesting facts about Twitter. Check it out!

  1. Previously, the name of Twitter is Twttr.
  2. The name of Twitter’s icon is Larry, it’s named after NBA Boston Celtic’s player, Larry Bird.
  3. The first idea about Twitter came from the cofounder, Jack Dorsey. Firstly, Twitter was designed as an SMS service.
  4. Twitter was born on 21st of March, 2006, when Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet, “Just setting up my twttr.”
  5. Odeo is the company who has helped and expanded Twitter with Jack Dorsey until now.
  6. Twitter is available in 25 languages, including the languages that read from right to left, such as Arabian, Jewish, Farsi, and Urdu.
  7. Every second, there are 10 tweets mentioning Starbucks.
  8. It took 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day to reach billions Twitter users. While for now, it only takes a week to reach the same amount.
  9. In 2014, there were 350.000 new users in every minute.
  10. Twitter can influence stock exchange. In 2013, someone hacked an official media and tweeted about two bombs had been exploded in White House. This caused the world in panic, especially in business sector, and the stock market was suddenly ruined just in seconds.
  11. Justin Bieber had the most followers with the number of 66 millions.
  12. YouTube was a brand with the most followers with the number of 54 millions.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina