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15 Recommended Restaurants & Bar in Kuningan for a Fun Hangout!

15 Recommended Restaurants & Bar in Kuningan for a Fun Hangout!

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Kuningan is one of the strategic places in Jakarta and included in Jakarta’s Golden Triangle area. Because of that, you will find many restaurants to have lunch, after office hangout with friends, to business meeting. Check In Jakarta recommends these 15 restaurants in Kuningan that you should try, check it out!

1. Loewy
This restaurant has a classic retro concept that can be seen from the interior design. You will feel like being in a bistro in New York. Besides the interesting interior, the foods are also worth to try. Starting from European to Asian are available here, such as Grilled Sea Bass, Duck Confit, to Grilled King Prawn. When dining here, don’t forget to close the moment by their sweet dessert, Vairhona Chocolate Souffle. Hmm… Want to know more? Read it in this article.

2. E&O
Do you fancy Asian food? Well, E&O can be your choice. Because the restaurant that is an abbreviation of Eastern & Oriental serves fusion Asian menu that fusing European and Thai dishes with Southeast Asian cooking that is rich in spice. Crunchy Caramelized Chicken, Massaman Lamb Curry, and Tuna Crispy Noodle Salad are just a few examples of the menu served here. Find more in this article.

Italian dish can be a choice for your lunch. PEPeNERO is one of the restaurants that serves Italian dish which you must try. Various soups, salad, pizza, pasta, to their main course are served by the hands of the chef who is indubitably skillful. If you are too lazy to go out from your office, PEPeNERO also provides delivery service.

4. Otel Lobby
Entering this restaurant, you might feel like entering a hotel lobby. Yup! That’s the concept of Otel Lobby. That’s why this restaurant uses premium ingredients to serve their menu, just like an actual hotel. This place is perfect for a meeting spot because of its adequate place, strategic location, and also delicious foods.

5. Casadina Kitchen & Bar
In the middle of the hectic Kuningan area that is filled with office buildings, you can still find a quiet place like an oasis in the middle of skyscrapers. The answer is at Casadina Kitchen & Bar. The restaurant which has a big window facing to a swimming pool can calm you after a sort of busy activities. Starting from Western, Asian, Indonesian, to Indian dishes are available here.

6. Harlow Brasserie
Want to taste New York City’s culinary delights? No need to go all the way to the Big Apple, just come to Harlow Brasserie. This restaurant serves foods which are inspired by many cultures in New York. The names of the menu are also divided by New York’s area, such as Harlow Burger on the Upper West Side area or Hainan Chicken Rice on the China Town area. Such a unique place, right?

7. Bluegrass Bar & Grill
This place can be your choice of nightlife spot to rest your mind for a while after work. Yup! At Bluegrass Bar & Grill, you can enjoy various favorite drinks at the bar or dig in to their Western menu and grill menu as the Bluegrass’ signature menu. Bluegrass’ area is also divided to bar, indoor, and also alfresco dining area that each has its own unique design.

8. Outback Steakhouse
You don’t have to doubt this restaurant’s steak quality. Already had the first position for Best Steak category for three years in a row made this restaurant a favorite place to have steak for their customers. The comfortable ambience, delicious food, and friendly service can be your choice to dine with colleagues or family.

9. Sailendra Restaurant
Do you like to dine in a buffet concept restaurant because you can choose your food all the way you want? Well, Sailendra Restaurant can be your next favorite restaurant. Because this restaurant serves international buffet menu, from Asian, Japanese, Western, Thai, to Middle Eastern dishes. Complete, right? Their chefs also have years of experience in international world, so you don’t ever have to doubt to dine here. Curious?

10. Mango Tree Bistro Bar
This restaurant serves Thai food and a direct branch from its origin country, and also one of its 68 branches in whole wide world. While enjoying Thai food here, you will feel a contemporary and minimalistic ambience so this restaurant is suitable for a place to chill accompanied by its delicacy.

11. Bottega Ristorante
At this place, you will feel a cozy and classy place at once. This European-style restaurant serves Italian dish as their signature menu. Bottega also serves breakfast menu. A plate of Italian Breakfast Eggs, Spanish Breakfast Eggs, or American Breakfast can spark up your morning, right?

12. Sari Laut Jala-Jala
Already know about yum cha? If you haven’t, it’s a Chinese tradition to have tea or brunch tea. When having yum cha, it’s usually accompanied with dim sum as an additional dish. At Sari Laut Jala-Jala you can taste various dim sum sensation from the steamed one to the fried one. Besides that, this restaurant also serves Medanese-Chinese foods which are rich flavors. Curious enough?

13. Cazbar
The most pleasant thing to do when welcoming weekend is to relax after a week of busy activities. Cazbar is a sister bar of De Hooi which has a regular event every week that you can’t miss. Such as Ladies Night and Happy Hour Beer that surely has interesting promotions, so this bar is perfect for your hang out place with friends. Interested?

14. Decanter
Sipping wine is perfect to calm your mind. Well, at Decanter you can enjoy various wine from moscato, champagne, sparkling, white wine, and also red wine. The served wine came from various countries, such as France, Italy, United States, Australia, and also Indonesia. Besides wine, you can taste various quality European and Asian dishes that will spoil you.

15. Liquid Exchange
This restaurant has a bar concept, so it is perfect to be your hangout place after work. In this two story place, you will feel a different ambience on each floor. Such as domination of black and white color at the bar on the first floor, also brown colored couches and tables on the second floor where you can taste their food delicacy. Liquid Exchange also serves Western and Asian food that will make your tummy happy.