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3 Markets Every Animal Lovers Should Visit

3 Markets Every Animal Lovers Should Visit


Usually, people who loves animals buy food supplies or logistics in pet shop. Do you know there are some local animal market provides with every supplies and logistics you need for your beloved one. So, here are three local animal market in Jakarta worth a visit.

1. Barito Bird and Pet Market

Barito bird and pet market, South Jakarta, known to sell a variety of birds and pets. As long as you stroll around, you can buy ornamental birds, cages also foods as well as cats, hamster, rabbit and snake. As the name is saying, this traditional market is located along Jalan Barito I, easy to spot from the main streets.

2. Latuharhari

Calling for those cats and dogs lovers, Latuharhari in Menteng area is worth a visit. Before night, this place will be crowded with cats and dogs seller. You hardly find the other pets beside cats and dogs. They only sell pets itself without cages even foods.

They sell quality cats and dogs as well as sold in pet shop. On the other words, Latuharhari is the place you can buy quality cats and dogs with affordable prices. Anticipating something bad, you should choose the certified one. Because most people think some pets might be stolen from the previous owner. 

3. Jatinegara Bird and Pet Market

One of the traditional markets sells wedding needs, Jatinegara also known as home for birds and pets. This most popular local animal market in Jakarta sell a variety or birds and pets. You can spot rabbit, hamster, gecko (colourful lizards) also tiny animals used as bait.

Be clear about your choice before purchasing. There are several mischievous sellers sell stolen pets or endangered species. However, Jatinegara is worth a visit for those who is looking pets with affordable prices.