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3 Applications for Indonesian Wedding Preparation

3 Applications for Indonesian Wedding Preparation


Wedding can be quite a complex problem for a couple who wants to tie a holy commitment. Fortunately, those lovebirds can prepare it easier with nowadays application.

1. Wedding Pocket
With a purpose of meeting the couples with vendors can fulfill their needs for the wedding party, Wedding Pocket is now in Jakarta. You just have to download this application and you will know hundreds of vendor with specific categories you want. From photography, catering, ballroom, to bridal. Besides, you can see the price list of every vendor, including the vendor’s complete contact information. You can also get the latest information about nowadays wedding trends.

2. Wedlite
As you know, having a wedding party needs a big cost. Especially if you want a party exactly like you have ever dreamt of. That’s the reason why there’s Wedlite. Wedlite can help you fund for the wedding with easy terms and conditions. Wedlite offers fund solutions without high interest and you can pay with installments. The security warranty of this application is also can be trusted. You don’t have to worry about an overly attached “loan shark” system.

3. Merityuk
Merityuk is a site which can substitute the expensive wedding planner. With this application, you can plan your wedding from A to Z. You can write your wedding budget then choose the available vendors who can suit with your budget and concept. Various vendor categories are available, like decoration, transportation, video, cake, and photographer. In every vendors, you also can see the information about service and the price.