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3 Beauty Clinics in Jakarta Help Lose Weight

3 Beauty Clinics in Jakarta Help Lose Weight


Do you know food is not the only one causing obesity? There are a lot of factors causing obesity, including hard to deal hunger, having a fat gene, too lazy to do exercise and related to culinary hobby. Fortunately, there are three beauty clinics in Jakarta ready to help you get the ideal body in a comfortable and safe ways.

1. POISE Aesthetic & Soul Clinic

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/poise.clinic/?hl=en

Using a laser machine, POISE known as one of the best slimming and beauty clinics help many women to get their ideal bodies. Laser beam used on their treatment of liposuction works to burn fat and help to release out of body.

That modern technology coupled with other surgery and non-surgery face and body treatments, including filler, botox, veneer also skin brightening to make your skin look flawless, lighter and more smooth as well as minimize the appearance of cellulite. They also offering reasonable prices of any treatments that certainly cheaper than if you have to go overseas to get the exact, same treatments to get your ideal, dream body.

POISE Aesthetic & Soul Clinic

Address: Jl. Pakubuwono VI No 37E, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12120

Open: 9 am – 5 pm (Monday – Saturday), Sunday closed

Phone: +622127516565

Email: admin@poiseclinic.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poise.clinic/?hl=en

Website: https://poiseclinic.com/

2. OYA Clinics

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/oyaclinicsindo/

As the tagline implies, this second clinic is a specialist of body shaping. OYA Clinics provides body shaping treatment in an effective and safe ways without surgery in order to minimize risky medical procedures.

Using a Med Contour, a modern, safe system to get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite. This method even safe to use all over your body, including arms and thighs. Before treatment, part where the stubborn fat need to remove, for example arms, will be measured first to determine the size of the arm before and after treatment.

There are two different processes for body shaping treatment, fat burning using special oils and RF devices to increase metabolism of your body without make you feel discomfort during treatment.

OYA Clinics

Address: Apartment Taman Sari Semanggi, Jl. Akri No. 134, Lt GF #15, Karet, Semanggi, South Jakarta 12930

Open: 9 am – 8 pm (Monday – Saturday)

Phone: +622129888506

Email: info@oyaclinics.co.id

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oyaclinicsindo/

Website: https://www.oyaclinics.co.id/

3. European Slimming Centre (ESC)

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/esc_slimming/?hl=en

The European Slimming Centre (ESC) helps many women to get their healthy body shapes. Slimming technique offered by ESC uses ultrasound technology that able to get rid stubborn fat effectively without surgery.

ESC also has other interesting programs to help you lose some weight. For example, if you want to improve your metabolism, but you realize you do not have enough time to do some exercise, so you can try KILOBURN. An hour KILOBURN claimed equal with running in 6 – 8 kilometers. KILOBURN not only help you improve the metabolism but also strengthen the body.

If you want to get rid of stubborn fat as well as minimizing the appearance of cellulit, you can try Lipotomy 3.0. The triple power technology of Lipotomy work significantly to destroy any stubborn fat while reducing circles up to 12 cm as well as the appearance of cellulite in certain areas.

European Slimming Centre (ESC)

Address: Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No. 97, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

Phone: +62212780610

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/esc_slimming/?hl=en

Website: http://www.esc-asia.com/