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3 Best Android Local Games You Should Try

3 Best Android Local Games You Should Try


In the next year, Indonesia is predicted to be one of the countries that have the greatest smartphone user, especially Android.

Besides the increasing number of Android users, Indonesia also have amount of creative developers who had succeed in creating Android games with good quality. Check In Jakarta summarized it into three best Android games made from Indonesia that you should try, check it out!

1. Warung Chain: Go Food Express
The food that served in this game are Indonesia signature. To play this game, you will act as a stall owner who present various types of dish to the customers. You should serving every customers order before timeout, which is about one minutes per stage. If time has run out and you are still do nott have any star yet (total three stars), the game will end.

Touchten as the developer had been success make a kind of time management game but still fun. With an interesting illustration and cheerful music, you must be like this game!

2. Tahu Bulat
In this game, you will act as Tahu Bulat owner. Complete with an open cabin car, speaker, and large pan.

What you have to do are simple, just selling Tahu Bulat and raise money that you can use to renew the business. It is easy to play the game, just touch the screen to call the buyer. Everytime you touch, Tahu Bulat song will be played, but the lyric had modified.

The creators behind this game are Viriya Brothers. The idea is come from Tahu Bulat seller who was they saw almost every day.

3. Vimala: Defense Warlords
A game that made by Masshive Media is a kind of Role Playing Game (RPG). There are two modes to play, Skirmish and Dungeon. On Skirmish mode, you would play in the land named Aranya Kingdom who is facing war. You will act as a general who want to unite the kingdom. To fullfill it, you have to conquer the regional government one by one.

Dungeon mode have simply way to play. You can choose six personnels to against the enemy that come per waves. In a certain wave, you would fight with the leader who will give you an emerald (standard currency in Vimala). The farther you play, the higher level of enemies, leaders, and gifts you will get.