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3 Best Coffee Shops in Bintaro to Hang Out

By Eskanisa R

27 November 2020

Recommended coffee shops to hang out in Bintaro.

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In case you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends, Bintaro as one of Jakarta’s satelite cities can be a great pick. Here are best not-so-new coffee shops in Bintaro that you will need to enjoy warm cup of coffee while gabbing with friends.

1. RUI Coffee

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This home-style comfort coffee shop to have perfect, inexpensive coffee selections is a must-go destination. Located at Jalan Elang Blok HG8/9, Bintaro Sektor 9, RUI Coffee desribed as aplace that’s not home but comfortable and inviting like your own home. Feels like hanging out in your living room. Neutral colours—white, brown, and black—definitely make the spaces look warmer, comfy, and engaging.
Besides the Instagram-worthy concept, RUI Coffee ready to take your taste buds on a vacation with their selections including Signature Coffee and non-coffee ones like Green Tea Latte or Chocolate Latte.
You can also eat deliciously their delicious food like Honey Glazed Chicken Rice, Teri Kecombrang Fried Rice (Fried rice with anchovy and wild ginger) as well as flavourful Beef Bulgogi.
RUI Coffee
Address: Jl. Elang Blok HG8/9, Bintaro Sektor 9, South Tangerang 15229
Open: 11am – 9pm (weekdays), 8am – 9pm (weekend)

2. Omana Coffee & Roastery

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One of perfect place for your morning coffee. Open from 7am to 11pm, Omana Coffee & Roastery ready to satisfy your hunger with affordable drinks and meals like their best seller coffee, Kopsus Omana Lagi for only Rp22.000 or Klepon Latter for Rp35.000 with shots of espresso with steamed milk blended with brown sugar, pandan, and coconut.
As the name implies, Omana also provides comfortable meals to make peace with your growling tummy. For breakfast or brunch, you can try Fruitty Pancake, while for filling lunch you can try either Beef Grill or Beef Burger, and last but not least the Korea Garlic Cheese Bread you can eat without gaining any weight. 
Omana Coffee & Roastery
Address: Jl. Elang Blok HF 8 No. 1, Bintaro Sektor 9
Open: 7am – 11pm

3. Lesung Kopi

Photo source: lesung.kopi
Last but not least is Lesung Kopi which open daily from 9am to 11pm. This coffee shop may be similar to others but surely worth visiting. It simply because, Lesung Kopi seems exactly know how to pamper coffee enthusiasts.
Step inside and immediately feel welcome and comfortable. A gray concrete floor perfectly blend with simple furniture create alluring, warm atmosphere unwind. Speaking about coffee, you need to try Kopi Susu Gula Aren which hygienically processed use selected coffee beans, fresh milk, and premium plam sugar or their Irish Ice Coffee get along well with light bites like Otak-otak (fish cake), Cireng (fritters made of tapioca flour or sago starch), Fried Potatoes, Fried Cassava, Dimsum, and Old-fashioned Donuts.
While for non-coffee selections, you need to give Es Ketan Hitam (Black Sticky Ice), Es Klepon (Sweet Rice Cakes Ice) or Ice Charcoal a try!
Lesung Kopi
Address: Jl. Elang, Pondok Pucung
Open: 9am – 10.30pm (weekdays), 9am – 11pm (weekend)
Instagram: lesung.kopi

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