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3 Best Long-Term Investments for Millennials

By Eskanisa R

04 March 2020

Three best choices of long-term investments for millennials.

Nowadays, investments are not only attract old people but also millennials. They are starting to try this beneficial activity for better future. What are best long-term investments preferred by millennials? Here are the lists.

1. Gold

It is no longer secret gold is one of the most popular investment choice in all community including millennials. According to financial experts, coins or bars are perfect for (gold) investments.

As a long-term investment, both coins and bars are have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, (gold) bars are free for printing costs minimum one kilogram and free from 10% tax while coins are added 10% tax because they include to jewellery.

2. Property

Property in form of land and building are important things people always need in near future. Property includes on non-liquid investment, it means any kind of property are not easy to be sold specifically if you need fast money. However, property can be used as income source while you are retiring from your job.

3. Insurance

Insurance is very useful to get rid risk of financial losses if some unfortunate event happens in near future. For example, education insurance can be used for future children which happen to increase every single year. Or may be health insurance if one day you or other family members sick and requires to pay a lot of treatment costs.


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