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3 Best Marketing Strategies For Small Business

3 Best Marketing Strategies For Small Business


Starting a new business is sometimes confusing, especially of how to get consumers for your products. Limited budget and lack of income can be the obstacles. There are a few of marketing strategies that loved by business beginners that you can follow. Check the following article.

1. Social Media
In this era of globalization, almost everyone has social media account. Not only a few who have several accounts of the social media at a time. You can use this to get your customers. If your business has not had a social media, start to make an account. According to the CMO of HubSpot, Mike Volpe, social media has greater effect than marketing through the trading exhibitions, telemarketing, or direct mail. Choose the social media that suits your market best and start to have interaction with the users so your product can have more attention from its market.

2. Blog
Making blog can increase your business’ SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Create blog posts that related to your business. By posting at least twice a week, your website is easier to be found in the search engine. And by writing informative blog posts, the readers will visit your website more often. Make a blog menu on your website so the visitors can see it while browsing through your products when they surf your web.

3. Pay-per-Click/Google AdWords
This strategy lately becomes the favorite to businessmen because it is considered to have big impact. Pay-per-click means the website owner will get payment each time a site visitor click on the ad shown. While Google AdWords is an ad program from Google where you are the one who decide the keywords that suit your website best. When people type the keywords on their search box, Google will direct them to your website. They are both profitable, aren’t they? Today, many advertising companies provide these services.