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3 Best Restaurants at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

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25, February 2019

Set in the upscale area of Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is a luxury 5-star hotel in the embodiment of classic Javanese style. Here you will not only discover luxurious 99-rooms hotel, but also provides a wide choice for pampering your tongue. Even three of them deserve two thumbs up!

1. Jakarta Restaurant
This restaurant presents an old Jakarta nuance with art deco furnishings in a relaxing yet stylish atmosphere. Jakarta Restaurant serves traditional Indonesian, Asian, and contemporary Western cuisine throughout the day. For those who miss Mother's cooking, you can try Asam-asam Iga Palembang uses raised beef ribs with green tomatoes and belimbing wuluh. Or you may missing traditional dessert, Es Campur or Mixed Iced, here you can also enjoy it. As its name, the signature dessert is made by mixing various ingredients such as sago pearls, jackfruit and black jelly in sweet syrup then topped with shaved iced and sweet condensed milk.

Photo Source: @jakarta.restaurant

Jakarta Restaurant
Instagram: @jakarta.restaurant
Opening hours: Every day 06.00 – 23.00 WIB

2. Sriwijaya Restaurant
Inspired by the 8th century of Sriwijaya Kingdom in Indonesia, Sriwijaya is a fine-dining restaurant presents the finest Indonesian fine dining cuisine, a modern approach of Indonesian dishes presented in an elegant way using French technique, in a warm and majestic ambience alongside impeccable service.

Photo Source: http://www.the-dharmawangsa.com

Sriwijaya Restaurant
Opening hours: Tue – Sat: 18.30 – 23:00 WIB

3. Majapahit Lounges
This place is a space of serene simplicity featuring a magnificent 14th century Javanese temple. Bathed in natural light, you may withdraw to The Tea Lounge while enjoying a leisurely afternoon tea; retire to The Caviar Lounge for cocktails, James Bond Martini collection, to Chocolate Martini; or savor after-dinner cognac in The Library. Recently, this restaurant at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta introduces Peranakan afternoon tea, where you can get different experience in enjoying your tea time.

Majapahit Lounges
Opening hours: Every day 07.00 – midnight

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.