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3 Browser Alternatives for Android

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26, July 2019

What browser do you usually use? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Yes, both browsers are the most commonly used for internet surfing. For most users, these two browsers have what they need, both in terms of convenience, speed and security.

Apart from Chrome and Firefox, there are actually still many other browsers that you can make alternatives if the two browsers are in trouble or you are tired of using them. Here are three of the best web browser alternatives for Android users reported from Phandroid.

1. Keepsafe Browser

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Privacy is important both on your device and when surfing the web. Keepsafe Browser is another app that understands this and includes protection while you browse. Set up a PIN or use your fingerprint to gain access to your browser and to keep unwanted guests from accessing the web. Keepsafe also blocks trackers and advertisers from gathering your information. The browser also provides an additional level of security by natively including a VPN function helping minimize any potential hacks.

2. CM Browser

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The CM Browser by Cheetah Mobile has a high focus on privacy and security. Adblocking software prevents unwanted popups while the antivirus protects you from malicious code. CM Browser lets you download videos you come across while you surf the web and even customize the download location. Downloads are scanned for malware with a background check, ensuring your device stays protected. Once you are done browsing the web and close the CM Browser app, all history data is removed.

3. Kiwi Browser

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Kiwi is a new browser focusing on speed and security. The Kiwi browser uses the latest release of Chromium to ensure fast page loading on sites. One unique feature that this browser brings is that it’s the first Android browser that blocks hackers from using your device to mine crypto-currency. Using the Kiwi Browser is the ability to go to and use Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends without having to install the Facebook application. Pop up ads can be annoying, but Kiwi includes a strong pop-up blocker.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.