3 Dropshipping Challenges that You Should Know

3 Dropshipping Challenges that You Should Know


Dropship is a business technique that preffered by newbie entrepreneurs. Dropship is a method of shopping online where seller not doing stocks or shipping process. Dropshipper usually only rely on. Because they who undergoing this technique actually on a role as a marketer to a producer.

Though it seems easy, but there are several challenges to facing if you are interested to be a dropshipper. Find out about dropshipping challenges below!

1. You Don’t Know Products Quality
Most dropshipper not know products quality they will sell. To handle this, you have to test the product by buying it first and use it. Another way is to make agreement with producer, if the product did not as expected, so it must be returned. But this way is moderately hard to realized.

2. Slow Response from Producers
When ordering, the buyer is definitely want to get fast response from the seller. But there are times when the producer give slow responses for any reasons. The transaction was often canceled because this problem. In this case, you have to make sure your producer is easy to contact and giving fast response in serving the buyer.

3. Cash on Delivery
It is means you have to do face to face transaction. Usually dropshipper avoid it, because they do not having any item. But, it does not mean you can not handle this case. All yaou have to do is buy the item which ordered by buyers. The risk is the buyer can cancel the purchase when they know the product not as what they expected.

For you who interested to be dropshipper, be smart on facing any challenges, so it would not harming you. Good luck!