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3 Easy Steps Anticipate Floods during Rainy Season

By Eskanisa R

22 January 2020

Easy steps to anticipate floods during rainy days.

Those who live in Jakarta should aware of flood during rainy season. Specifically for those who live in low surface area or close to the river. These are easy steps to anticipate floods during rainy days.

1. Store Important Documents

Important documents such as birth certificates, family cards, certificates of home or lands, saving books and other important documents should be restored in waterproof container or backpack. Then, store that container or backpack in save place which is not reachable by floods or bring to the evacuation place while facing the floods.

Government also provides facilities for repair broken documents through National Archives of Republic of Indonesia (ANRI). Although ANRI helps restore broken documents, you need to anticipate before facing floods. It simply because better prevent damage than repair ones.

2. Safety Bags

Along with container and bag for important document, you also need to prepare other bags are easy to carry while evacuation process filled with safety equipment such as clothes, blankets, flashlights, raincoats, umbrellas and medicines.

3. Weather Forecasts

Keep yourself update with latest weather forecasts. If rain drops to long, you need to be aware. Store important documents, electronic stuffs, and other valuable stuffs before flood comes.

Along with that, before going to evacuation make sure to turn off your electricity or give a call to PLN to turn off the electricity in your whole area. Evacuate immediately to safe yet higher place. During the evacuation process, do not walking near waterways to avoid being sweep away.

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