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3 Expensive Coffees in the World is Made from Animal Waste

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
03, November 2015

Jakarta has a lot of coffee shops. Almost all people need coffee to accompany their meeting, working, or even just another coffee time. A nice coffee that we sip is made from selected coffee beans. But did you know that the most expensive coffee in the world is made from animal waste?

Maybe it sounds disgusting, but it’s not literally the feces that been processed to a cup of coffee, but it’s a fruit from coffee trees that eaten by the animal. The bean from the coffee fruit eaten by the animal is not digested entirely, so when it comes out along with the feces, it is still in a form of whole bean. Now, what are the names of expensive coffee beans made from animal feces? Check this out!

Luwak Coffee
The coffee lovers all over the world may already familiar with this type of coffee. Since early of 18th century, the Dutch had cultivated coffee in Indonesia. In cultuurstelsel era (the forced cultivation system by the Dutch in Indonesia), the Dutch prohibited Indonesian to ripe coffee for private consumption so then Indonesian people released a civet (in Indonesia, it’s called luwak) that eats coffee fruit.

The luwak’s feces then taken, washed, and roasted by the Indonesian so it produced a nice coffee aroma. This habit then been known by the Dutch and they liked it so it became the Dutch’s favorite coffee. Luwak coffee then known as an expensive coffee since colonialism era.

Now, the price of luwak coffee ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions rupiahs per kilogram. You can get this coffee at the coffee shops, supermarket, or special stores selling coffees.

Terra Nera Coffee
You can find this coffee at a British department store, Harrods. Terra Nera coffee is also processed by civet cat’s digestive system. Every year, this type of coffee has been produced for only 45 kilograms. But the world’s coffee experts who ever tried this coffee are a bit disappointed with the taste.

With the price of $225-$11.000 per pack, they think the taste is not as expensive as the price. The coffee experts prefer a cheaper coffee with more tasteful flavor. Maybe you want to try to prove it?

Black Ivory Coffee
Black ivory coffee is made by the digestive system of dozens Thailand elephants. The founder of this coffee is Canadian, Blake Dinkin. Based on research, the enzymes in elephant’s digestive system break down the coffee proteins. The coffee proteins tend to create a bitter taste of coffee.

So, if the enzymes break it down, the coffee can lose its natural bitter taste. But to try this black ivory coffee, you have to spend about $50 and $1.100 per kilogram. This coffee is sold only in Maldives and Thailand.

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief