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3 Fascinating Things About Floating Castle Froggy Edutography

By Eskanisa R

28 Jun 2019

Floating Castle Froggy Edutography, educational recreation for family in BSD City.

Do you know castle does not only exist in Europe? In BSD City, there is similar building like a castle, Floating Castle, which is perfect spot to be visited with whole family. Do you want to find out fascinating things about this 10-floor castle? Let’s check this one out!

1. Unique Building

Do you know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? In the story, Jack giving his cow with magic beans that change his future life. Jack successfully climb that bean tree and find castle floating above the clouds. What makes this building look like floating above the ground? They use installed glass with suspended techniques.  

2. 10 Floors, 10 Different Programs

From the outside, this building grab your curiosity and attention. Floating Castle Froggy Edutography is little inspiration destination with educational immersive itineraries perfect for your weekend gateway with family. This castle-like building has total 10 floors. Each floor has a different program (class) based on child’s dreams, like music class, math class, interaction class, profession class and so on.

3. Fascinating Missions

All children are smart. Each of them has their own intelligence. Here, children will be invited to imagine yet achieve their goals. Entire program are specifically aimed at identifying the interests and intelligence of each child, helping to develop it with fun learning methods while facilitating parents to motivate children's interests for a better future.


Floating Castle Froggy Edutography
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