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3 Simple Ways to Determine Salary Scale

By Eskanisa R

07 Aug 2017

To minimize misconception about employee rates, here are some tips to determine your salary scale.

Some people say average or highest-paid is relative. It depends by the way we choose to manage the salary. 

And it is true, financial success not depend on your salary. Highest paid not guarantee your financial life. On the other side, nominal salary is important as well as representation your employee rates. It also determines company appreciation for your work.

For those who achieve more than two years experiences, this is the ideal time to set your rates. You can say wisely, “The salary is not fit in me”. Make sure you know the average rates for your job before saying that.

To minimize misconception about employee rates, here are some tips to determine your salary scale.

1. Is it fit with regional minimum wage or not?

Regional minimum wages made based on specific reason. Minimum wage is remuneration that employers can legally pay their workers. You can determine a salary scale based on minimum wage sets in your area.

Every region offers their own minimum wages. For example, Jakarta’s minimum wage in 2017 is Rp3.350.000,-. If you are looking a job in Jakarta, you can determine a salary based on its wage. Or you can do double crosscheck with salary you take recently. Is it fit with Jakarta’s wage or not? If you are getting paid under the wage, it is time to say that your salary insufficient.  

2. Comparing salaries with co-workers

It can be a taboo topic to discuss with your co-workers in the workplace. You can persuade someone to discuss about their salary. But, if you have like close co-workers, with equivalent experience, you can ask nicely about the nominal. You can also figure it out with job seekers verified website.

3. Salary and workload comparison

You are already know minimum wage, you also comparing with another co-worker in the equivalent experience, you find that you get average or maybe highest-paid, make sure if that salary fits in your workload.

For example, you are working as sales and get paid Rp5.000.000,-, while the average sales salary is Rp4.000.000,-, do not get happy too early. Make sure if salary you get fits with your job.

Be fair and objective before you say “My salary too low”. Ask your supervisor or bosses nicely. Good luck!




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