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3 Instagrammable Places in Tangerang

By Isny Dewi R

06 September 2019

Instagrammable places in Tangerang you should visit.

Tangerang City is often dubbed as the City of 1000 Industries, because there are many industries standing in this city. Even so, it turns out Tangerang also has some good attractions. For those who love taking pictures or selfies must love these places because they are Instagrammable. Where are these places? Find out below!

1. Kampung Bekelir
You can find this place on the banks of Cisadane river, precisely in RW 01, Babakan Village, Tangerang City. Inside Kampung Bekelir there are houses painted in colorful colors, cool murals, and a variety of stunning works by local people and community. This village used to be a slum area which was then decorated by the art community in collaboration with local people, until they get an appreciation from the Tangerang City Government. Many good spots can be used as background for your selfie photos, such as the symbol of Kampung Bekelir, the entrance of the village, murals, flying deck, to the seeds house.

Kampung Bekelir
Location: Babakan, Tangerang

2. Taman Potret

Photo Source: Instagram @tangerangkota

The Green Open Space, which was inaugurated in 2015, is located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman in Cikokol, right next to the TangCity mall. As the name suggests, here you can take as many pictures as you want because there are lots of Instagrammable photo spots, such as ship sculpture, hippopotamus statue, I Love TNG symbol, and many more. In addition to taking photos, at Taman Potret you can also spoil your tongue with a variety of Tangerang popular food. It’s more interesting because you can use free Wi-Fi faciliry at this park.

Taman Potret
Location: Babakan, Tangerang

3. Jembatan Kaca Berendeng
Inaugurated in February 2018, this bridge immediately made Tangerang people flocked to came here. Jembatan Kaca Berendeng connects Tangerang or Benteng sub-district with Gerendeng and is right above the Cisadane River.

Security matters, no need to worry! This glass bridge meets the standards, both from the type of glass and its resistance to weather and visitors' weight. This bridge can hold around 60 people with a maximum load of 80 kg per person. And is about five meters from the river. Visitors who stand on it can see the Cisadane river as a whole, quite thrilling but exciting.

Photo Source: Instagram @nuurfauzi_ 

Surely Jembatan Kaca Berendeng is a favorite spot to take pictures. The glass bridge with the Cisadane river as a background will definitely make your photos look stunning. It's free to take pictures here, but you need to take off your shoes to keep the glass clean. If you are satisfied taking pictures on the Cisadane river, don't forget to visit the park around the bridge to relax for a moment.

Jembatan Kaca Berendeng
Location: Gerendeng, Karawaci, Tangerang


Top Photo Source: Instagram @wekawekaisland

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