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3 Interesting Facts About Taman Kota 2 BSD

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
07, September 2017

Do you like to stroling or jogging around the park? Or maybe just relaxing and playing with your kids in the park? If you say so, there is a recommendation of a good place for you who live in South Tangerang called Taman Kota 2 BSD. For those who want to enjoy the weekend but do not want to go out of town, this is the good place to go. Here’s why.

1. Wide Area
Taman Kota 2 BSD has wider area than Taman Kota 1 BSD. The jogging track of this park also larger, so you can do your exercise more comfortable, and the track was made similar to hill country.

2. Well-equipped
The park is also well-equipped. If you are interested to plants, you will love this place, because Taman Kota 2 BSD have a plant centre where you can get any kind of plants.

It also has gazebo, seats, and tree house for visitors who want to take a rest after exercising or just want to relax. There is also a red suspension bridge which is become an icon of Taman Kota 2 BSD.

3. Multi-function
This park not only use for recreation and sport spot, but it is also have some another functions, such as bio-lab, keep soil fertile, absorption area, and “the lungs” of the city.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.