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3 Kawasan Hype di Jakarta

3 Kawasan Hype di Jakarta


Jakarta can be called as the New York of Indonesia. Yes! This metropolitan city is well-known by the skyscraper buildings in town and beautiful lightings on the night. But there are 3 most favorite hangout spots that loved by the youngsters in Jakarta. What are the names? Keep reading this article!

1. Kemang
Who does not know this area? Kemang is known as the most favorite hangout spot for the youngsters in Jakarta. You can find many bar and lounge and also unique cafes here. Name the 365 Eco Bar, Bremer, Beer Garden, Beer Brothers, and also Frank’s. Besides, this area also has comfy cafes for hangout, such as Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space, Kedai, or even Reading Room that can be a fun place for you to sip a cup of coffee and chitchat with your friends.

2. Senopati
For the last few years, this area has becoming on e of the hype spot in Jakarta. No wonder, Senopati area is crowded with many café selections and also classy fine dining restaurants. Usually, people who come here are the ones in productive ages with an established career. It can be said that Senopati has its own ambience if compared with Kemang because it has its own segment.


Sudirman Central Business District or called as SCBD, is one of the prime areas that is also favorited by the youngsters. Although it’s surrounded by office and skyscraper buildings, this area is an exclusive one for you who want to chill out and free your thoughts. There are interesting cafes, clubs, bars, and lounges, such as Foundry 8, Lucy in the Sky, and Fable. Or if you want to go to a more casual place, you can visit Goods Diner at Fairgrounds, Entrada with their Spanish dishes, Kaffeine for your beautiful coffee time, Bottega for Italian cuisine choice, or Pacific Place for you who want to hangout and shopping.