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3 Little Things That Make You Feel Happy at Work

By Eskanisa R

17 February 2020

Always feel happy at work with these simple tricks.

Most people specifically those who spend their time at work do not realize main key of feeling happy all the time is not about big things but simple ones which can be always found every single day they are working could make them feel happy at work, just like these following simple examples.

1. Praising

Who does not like to be praised? Receive praising words from your office mates certainly make you feel happy. Hence, you can also give the exact same things to your office mates before they do. Besides giving a positive impression, kind of sincere praising help you feel much better. Do not ever hesitate to say, “Have a nice day ahead.”, “Keep going, you can do it.”, “You look so good today.” and other simple words to lift their mood instantly and make them feel happy all along day.

2. Helping

Besides praising, helping your office mates also bring benefits for your mental health. Helping them out even for simple task like sharing coffee in the morning, help to copy their documents might help you feel connected with them as well as useful as office mates.

3. Keep Your Ego in Check

Never let small things ruin your whole day, ever. Keep your ego in check while facing unintended things at work. Do not let mistakes ruin your mood, just do a lot of positive things you like, listen your favourite music, read latest books, keep yourself hydrated, munching sweet or simply watching funny animal videos as your distraction.  

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