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3 Marketing Barriers and How to Break Through Them

By Eskanisa R

10 February 2020

3 common marketing barriers and simple ways to break through them.

A lot of people assume that marketing is spearhead of a company which determines success or failure of a business. Do you know right (marketing) strategy helps increasing brand awareness as well as sales?

However, in real life, various barriers happen including lack of knowledge and experience in the world of marketing. Here are three common marketing barriers in the world of marketing and ways how to break through them.

1. Wrong Promotion

Promotion becomes a perfect trick to introduce and market your products or services. However, unfortunately, there are a lot of business people do not know how to market their products or services properly.

For example, there is no need to force consumers to buy everything you offer. There are still marketing who force people to purchase anything they offer. That one could definitely make them feel uncomfortable. If consumers already get tester or sample products you offer, give them some time to recognize products and consider whether they need or not before finally purchasing one.

2. Focus Only to One Marketing Method

Do not waste your time to focus only one marketing method, whether offline or online. Both are important to do to help increasing brand awareness as well as sales. According to research, people need to see at least 12 times advertisements (promotions) before thet actually paying attention to something you offer.

If you do only one of them, either offline or online, it will not productive than you do both of them. You can start choosing most used social media and most accessed ones as official ‘place’ to distribute information about products and services you offer based on budget you have. Along with that, do an offline promotion by giving them introducing discount and choose perfect place such as office areas, markets, and so forth.

3. Lack of Communication

Nowadays, people tend to be smarter to find and choose sellers who meet their needs including sellers who provide easy access to submit suggestions and critics or just get simple latest information about products or services they need. Try to always get feedback from consumer right after them purchasing to ensure they remember your brand in the future.

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