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3 Marketing Psychology Tricks to Increase Sales

By Eskanisa R

04 November 2019

Increasing sales with mastering these marketing psychology.

Ever heard about marketing psychology? In any kind of business, marketers have an important job to maximize marketing strategies (promotion) for its business. Marketing psychology itself is an understanding the ways to make target (buyer) do the actions (buying) or at least considering products or services you offered. If a marketer mastering these simple ways, convincing the buyer certainly easy thing to do. Here are simple ways you can mastering based on marketing psychology to increase sales.

1. Know the Types of Buyers

There are many types (types) of buyers that you must understand in order to market your product or service more easily. The first type of saver, shopping based on the budget and a list that has been made. Most of them will wait for a product that is no longer rising and then just buys it. You can use persuasive words to make them 'hesitant', such as "This product is suitable for investment, so there is no loss in buying it now." The second type of ‘thief’ is money, shopping because of emotional impulse. Usually, they do not need much to be believed to be able to buy an item, just use an interesting picture or video (fun to watch), then they will easily be tempted to buy. Finally, it is a type of combination between a thrifty type and a money waster. In other words, they will buy products on the grounds of pampering themselves while still trying to save money (using money to have fun within the budget). You can seduce buyers of this type with 'tempting' facilities such as free shipping, buy 2 get 1 free or a lifetime guarantee.

2. Build Loyalty

This second point is important to convince buyers and prospective buyers to buy products or use your services again. For example, in addition to a direct thank you, through social media or e-mail, you can set aside a small budget to send simple gifts such as shopping vouchers or meal vouchers.

3. Give Them Facts

Prospective buyers would feel bored if you are too small-mouthed in 'selling'. Describe the information needed by prospective buyers in accordance with the product or service offered. For example, you have an online business, so you must emphasize the features of your product that other products do not have. Also describe losses if a potential buyer does not use your product or service. It is legitimate to use persuasive words but still be specific and in accordance with facts.

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