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Street Food
Street Food

3 Best Midnight Nasi Uduk to Reduce Hunger

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
18, October 2017

What would you do when hungry in the middle of the night? Deal with hunger or sneaking into the kitchen or looking for tasty and cheap meal? For the rest of heavy meals at night, nasi uduk is the perfect choice. Nasi uduk is steamed coconut rice as the ideal choice for breakfast, lunch even supper. Luckily, you can find this original dish from Jakarta so easily, including these one.

1. Nasi Uduk Babe H. Saman

This legendary yet tasty nasi uduk in town which was located in Jl. Kebon Kacang 9, Tanah Abang is a family business from generation to generation. The most tempted side dishes for its nasi uduk is ayam goreng (Indonesian style fried chicken without batter like American version).

Moist and tender chicken blends perfectly with sambal kacang (sauce made from ground fried peanuts and chili). Nasi uduk and ayam goreng served in small portion, so you need to eat more than one for each. You can also enjoy another side dish, satay, like prawn satay, chicken intestines. Small street and limited parking space will not derail all your plans to eat them up. 

Nasi Uduk Babe H. Saman

Jl. Kebon Kacang 9, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta

Open: 3.00 pm – 12.00 am

2. Nasi Uduk Kota Intan

Set your foot in the pavement right in front of GKI Samanhudi, Pasar Baru, you can easily spot not a fancy restaurant but always formed a queue to be served with their nasi uduk. At night, the place become increasingly crowded. What is the difference?

Savoury taste sensation is no joke, and the spotlights are sambal and fried chicken intestines. Nasi Uduk Kota Intan is ready to compare to other purveyors in Kebon Kacang. Because, they prepare immediately after you order it. The intestines quite thick, moist and crispy at the same time. You can also enjoy casual chicken, water spinach, tofu and tempeh as the alternative side dishes starts from 5 pm until 2 am.

Nasi Uduk Kota Intan

Jl. Samanhudi, Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta

Open: 5.00 pm – 2.00 am

3. Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum

Lastly, nasi uduk with a lot of devotees, in Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta, Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum. The most popular nasi uduk in Kelapa Gading area served you a traditional dishes with fancy ambience. Ibu Jum equipped her warung with live music.

Ibu Jum also served wide range side dishes at the counter which involves customers choosing their favourite. Bunch mouth-watering side dishes make you drooling. Give a try to their signature omelette, with chopped scallion and chilies. You can also choose classic pairing of nasi uduk, semur jengkol (dogfruit stew) or savoury spicy squids. So tasty!

Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum

Jl. Raya Klp. Hybrida, Kelapa Gading Barat, North Jakarta 14240

Open: 4.00 pm – 12.00 am


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani