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3 Most Delicious Gabus Pucung that You Must Try!

By Isny Dewi R

20 October 2020

Food stalls that offer the most delicious gabus pucung.

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One of Betawinese specialties, gabus pucung is a traditional food which is still in great demand. Launching Wikipedia, gabus pucung is a dish made from raw material for snakehead fish with black sauce. Gabus pucung comes from the words "gabus" and "pucung". Gabus is a type of fish that is used as the filling of the dish, and Pucung or kluwek is the coloring of the dish.
Although now it is difficult to find snakehead fish on the market, there are several Betawi food stalls that still provide delicious gabus pucung menus. If this afternoon you want to enjoy a plate of delicious gabus pucung, here are the recommendations for the food stalls that offer this Betawi specialty.
1. Resto Bale Nyai
You can find Bale Nyai on Jalan Boulevard Graha Raya, Sudimara Pinang, in South Tangerang. This restaurant is quite spacious with lesehan concept, making it suitable as a place to eat with family on weekend. Bale Nyai just opened in mid-2019.
Photo source: Instagram @bale.nyai
This Betawi restaurant does serve a menu made from several types of fish such as cere or wader fish, melem or tawes, gabus, betik, milkfish, etc. Gabus pucung is one of Bale Nyai’s best seller menus. Fresh snakehead fish cooked with abundant kluwek seasoning. Besides that, here you can also taste other delicious menus such as boneless milkfish pecak, fried wader fish, and super spicy Jawara fried chicken.
Bale Nyai
Address: Jl. Boulevard Graha Raya, Sudimara Pinang, South Tangerang
Phone number: 0812-1150-0763
Opening hours: Every day: 10.00 WIB
Instagram: @bale.nyai
2. RM Sayur Gabus Pucung Bapak Nijar
This food stall is located in Bekasi. Even though it is only a simple food stall, RM Sayur Gabung Pucung Bapak Nijar is always packed with visitors. Even before this food stall opened, there were already visitors. As the name implies, the mainstay menu here is, of course, gabus pucung.
The snakehead fish in this food stall has thick flesh and is cut into several pieces and then cooked with kluwek spice that make the aroma and taste so tempting. In addition, there are also additional tomato and green onion slices which add to the delicacy of the gabus pucung here.
At RM Sayur Gabung Pucung Bapak Nijar, you can also eat various other fish menus such as milkfish pecak served with spicy sauce. This shop is only open until late afternoon, so try to arrive before they are all sold out.
RM Pucung Sayur Gabus Mr Nijar
Address: Jl. Raya Pulo Timaha, Babelan Kota, Bekasi
Phone number: 0857-8122-4613
Opening hours: Every day: 11.00 - 17.00 WIB
3. Warung Gabus Pucung Betawi Depok
Meanwhile, for Depok residents, you can taste the delicious gabus pucung at Warung Gabus Pucung Betawi Depok. A portion of gabus pucung costs around Rp 45,000. Containing two pieces of fish, gabus pucung has a tasty and slightly spicy taste. The taste is even better when eaten with warm rice. You can also enjoy snakehead fish with pecak seasoning. In addition to gabus pucung, you can order other Betawi specialties such as karedok, soto Betawi, ssinan Betawi, to stir-fry genjer which is also you should try.
Photo source: Instagram @wgp_betawidepok
Warung Gabus Pucung Betawi Depok
Address: Perumahan Mampang Indah I, Jl. Mampang Indah I, Limo, Depok
Phone number: (021) 77219090
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 11.00 - 17.00 WIB, Saturday & Sunday: 10.00 - 21.00 WIB
Instagram: @wgp_betawidepok

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