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3 Must-Try Restaurants at Bintaro 9 Walk

By Nadia Latief

02 December 2015

3 Must-Try Restaurants at Bintaro 9 Walk

If you live in Bintaro area or around, you must have heard of Bintaro 9 Walk. The area is located behind the McDonald’s in Bintaro Sector 9, and used to be a joint for street food sellers. Now the Bintaro 9 Walk had been revitalized as a culinary area that is always crowded by visitors on the weekend. Below are the 3 restaurants we recommend for you to try at Bintaro 9 Walk!

1. Waroeng Pringga

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Waroeng Pringga is not mere warung (Indonesian small shop). The warung sells various styles of food, from Asian to European. They have steak, sushi, teriyaki, and fish & chips. If you are dropping by, you must try their Beef Piccata, the dish of beef covered with omelet. It surely is delicious! The portion of the dishes at Waroeng Pringga is satisfying and the price is wallet-friendly. Their service can be said as quick, even in peak hours. Waroeng Pringga is located on the right side after the car entrance.

Waroeng Pringga

Tel: +62217458498
Facebook: Warung Pringga, Bintaro 9 Walk

2. Pattaya Steamboat Yakiniku

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This stall serves Japanese style steamboat and yakiniku but in affordable price. One portion of special steamboat menu can be shared with 2-4 persons. You can choose your own soup, from tom yum soup to chicken soup. For the tom yum soup it is Rp80.000,- and for chicken soup it is Rp75.000,-. The price is already included with beef slices, chicken, meatballs, tofu, fish cake, chikuwa, sweekiaw, rice noodle, egg, and vegetables. Complete and affordable, right? Pattaya Steamboat Yakiniku can be found in the back part of Bintaro 9 Walk. It is the big one with PSY signage on it.

Pattaya Steamboat Yakiniku

No. Telp: +6287789104070
Facebook: PSY Steamboat Yakiniku
Twitter: @pattayaPSY 
Instagram: @psypattayajkt 

3. Fish Streat

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You can enjoy British signature culinary here, which is fish and chips. The flour-battered fried fish served with French fries is a dish that will spoils our mouths. In Fish Streat, you can enjoy it for only Rp 29.000,-. The taste is also as great as the ones you can find in the malls. Besides the fish and chips, they also serve Seafood Platter and also Fish and Pasta. And they are all in affordable prices. Fish Streat is right next to Pattaya Steamboat Yakiniku.

Fish Streat

No. Telp: +6287723405000
Instagram: @fishstreat

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