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3 Newest Cozy Coffee Shops in Bintaro to Hang Out

By Eskanisa R

19 February 2020

Newest cozy coffee shops in Bintaro to hang out.

photo source: @karimmubarok

Coffee shops in Bintaro are mushrooming which you can stop by right after work or even weekend with friends and families. These newest coffee shops are known for their cozy ambiances as well as the best coffee selections you should not miss.

1. Kopi Jendela 

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This coffee shop located at Jl. Bintaro Utama Blok U5 No. 25 became one of the newest coffee shops with a homey yet cozy ambiance. They offering spacious, comfortable rooms to spend your whole time here with friends and families.

Either get your work done or hanging out with the old friends, Kopi Jendela is an ideal choice. While driving in Jl. Bintaro Utama, you can spot Kopi Jendela by its turquoise color.

Kopi Jendela offering affordable coffee and non-coffee drinks as well as mouth-watering snacks start from Rp15.000 such as Kopi Susu Jendela, Yakult Squash, Ice Shaken Cookies n Cream, Donuts Djadul Gula, Rawit Nuklir Daging Jendela, Banana Cake and Chicken Wings n Fries.

Kopi Jendela

  • Address: Jl. Bintaro Tengah Blok U5 No. 25, Ciputat Timur, Tangerang
  • Opens: 08.00 – 21.00 WIB
  • Instagram:

2. Manakala Coffee 

photo source: @coffeemanakala

Another newest coffee shop which always crowds by millennials is Manakala Coffee. Offering two separate areas, smoking and non-smoking, the atmosphere and ambiance of Manakala Coffee is really comfortable while getting your work done by the afternoon while waiting for the traffic.

Here, you can also taste other non-coffee selections like refreshing mocktails at affordable prices from Rp38.000 such as Ras Mojito, Tiranga Congo, and Blue Seannamon with beautiful blue color.

For those non-coffee and mocktail people, try their Peppermint Frappe, Red Velvet Latte, or Chocolate Mint Latte which are available in hot, iced, and blended selections.

Manakala Coffee

  • Address: Jl. Elang Blok HG 8 No. 1, Pondok Aren, Tangerang 15229
  • Opens: 08.00 – 23.00 WIB (Minggu – Kamis), 08.00 – 24.00 WIB (Jumat – Sabtu)
  • Telp: 087841391218
  • Instagram: @coffeemanakala

3. Dua Coffee

photo source: @duacoffee

To complete the list, Dua Kopi decided to open their second outlet in Bintaro after the first outlet in Cipete, South Jakarta. Dua Kopi is known for its Instaworthy vibes for any outfit-of-the-day seekers.

Here, you will not only spoiled by best coffee selections but also a mouth-watering menu for your perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner such as Egg Benedict, Hainan Chicken Rice, Room Butter Cheese (Toast) and Salted Chicken Egg Rice.

While waiting for your main course to come to the table, you can also taste their Bundling Menu for Rp35.000, Green Tea Fruitty, or Black Tea Ginger Cinnamon which served with four pieces of delicious dim sum. Complete, right? 

Dua Coffee

  • Address: Jl. Bintaro Utama 9 No. 1, Pondok Aren, Tangerang
  • Opens: 07.00 – 22.00 WIB (Minggu – Jumat), 07.00 – 24.00 WIB (Sabtu)
  • Telp: 087841391218
  • Instagram: @duacoffee

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