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3 Pet Diseases in Rainy Season You Need to Know

By Eskanisa R

16 January 2020

Be aware with these pet diseases in rainy season.

It turns out not only human feeling unhappy during rainy season but also pets. It simply because rainy season in tropical countries like Indonesia tends to have a high level of humidity. It makes pets vulnerable to disease specifically skin disease. Here, 3 types of disease you need to know during rainy season.

1. Cat Flu

Cat flu ranked as first disease which contagious and causing death if owner of pets cannot deal with it. Specifically for kittens, cat flu has some symptoms such as excessive sneezing, swollen eyes, runny nose, fever, heavy to breath causing loss of appetite (because they cannot smell food). Hence, first thing you can do is make sure your cats eat warm food as well as warm drink. Second one is put your cats get sun bath for 10 – 15 minutes around 8 – 9am. Sunlight helps kills germs causing cat flu.

2. Distemper

If your dog vomits without reasons during rainy season, it may be positively get distemper caused by CDV or Canine Distemper Virus. This kind of virus attacks 3 main organs, respiratory tract, digestion, and nerves. Besides vomiting, fever, swollen watery eyes and loss appetite known for distemper symptoms. If your dog has one of those symptoms, make sure bring your dog to nearest veterinarian to get best antibiotics.

3. Fungal Infection

Last but not least is fungal infection which always attack your pets during rainy days caused by humid air. Fungal infection causing irritation make your hair pets, either cats or dogs easily falling. First treatment you can do is special ointment to get rid fungal. Second one, use special shampoo contains 2% of ketoconazole for twice a week. Last but not least, using antibiotics by doctor prescription. 

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