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3 Pet Shelters in Jakarta

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30, October 2015

When you pet owners who want to have a trip to other city or countries, you may worry to leave your pet alone at home. But it can bother your families or neighbor if you ask for their help to take care of your pet temporarily. So, the solution is you can board your pet in pet shelter that you can find in Jakarta. Read more on this article!

1. Derby Winner’s House
This place is a shelter specifically for dogs. Located on the Kelapa Gading residence area, Derby Winner’s House has quite complete facilities for your dogs, such as room, outdoor arena for your dogs to play, and they also take care for the dog sanitation. While in boarding, your dog will be given a play time to cheer it.

Derby Winner’s House
Kelapa Gading, 
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
For complete address, please call: +6282114143128 


2. Meeow Hose
If Derby Winner’s House is for dogs, Meeow House is a shelter for cats. Located in Cempaka Putih, this shelter also provides other facilities such as grooming, vaccination, and cats mating service. The owner likes to nurture cats, so you don’t have to worry anymore to board your cats here.

Meeow House
Jl. Cempaka Putih Barat XIVA No. A-18

Cempaka Putih, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Tel: +6285717390502


3. Pondok Pengayom Satwa Jakarta (PPSJ)
From the name, we can guess that this place provides shelter for animals such as dogs and cats. But actually, this place is a nonprofit organization found in 1987 by Mrs. Soeprapti Soeprapto, wife from the former Jakarta’s Governor, which provides shelter for abandoned dogs and cats. So if you want to adopt dogs or cats or want to board your pets for a while, just visit this place. Located 300 meters near the Ragunan Zoo, PPSJ has taken care of more than dozens of dogs and cats until now.

Pondok Pengayom Satwa Jakarta
Jl. RM. Harsono No.10

Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Tel:+6221 7804993
Website: -
Facebook: -

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief