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3 Places to Get Western-style Wedding Dresses

By Isny Dewi R

12 March 2019

3 places in Jakarta renting and designing wedding dresses.

A Western-style wedding is often perceived as simpler than traditional Eastern weddings. Those who plan to adopt Western-style wedding for their big day can get their dresses and suits at these places.

1. Billy Tjong
Billy Tjong’s works are known to have touches of elegance and femininity. In his bridal line, the designer provides custom-made and ready stock dresses, but either way, he advises his customers to contact him three to 12 months prior to the ceremony.

After the first meeting, the designer would begin to draw sketches, select the main and supporting materials, make the pattern and design the mock-up version of the dress on blacu fabric (fabric with rough fibers). Customers can also look for fabrics along with the designer.

Billy does not strictly limit how many fittings for his customers are required, but it usually takes one to five times, depending on their needs. Billy often receives requests to design a dress that highlights a certain body shape. Especially for mermaid style, a-line and ball gown wedding dresses. Prices for Billy’s wedding dresses depend on the materials.

Billy Tjong
Instagram: @billytjong_wedding
Address: Jl. Terusan Hang Lekir 1 No.14C, South Jakarta
Phone Number: 0811 807 2300

2. Atham Tailor

photo source: @athamtailor

Founded in 1968, Atham Tailor has often catered to the needs of renowned Indonesian figures for bespoke suits, but when it comes to wedding suits, the groom-to-be should approach the tailor three months before the ceremony.

The process usually takes one to two months, as they want the groom to have his customized suit a month before the wedding day. Should the groom gain weight, around 5 to 6 kilograms, no big adjustment is needed.

Aside keep in touch with their customers, Don Tjong as the designer would also like to build relations with them. Don also acts as a stylist, as he often gives out advice regarding the groom's shoes or tie. His suggestions extend to the family as well, especially in selecting the right suit to support the pair’s style.

Atham Tailor
Instagram: @athamtailor/?hl=en
Address: Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor, Central Jakarta
Phone Number: 0858 8281 1033

3. Eva Bun Group
Eva Bun is among the oldest wedding companies in Indonesia with more than 35 years of experience provides both customized and rented wedding dresses, but Eva, owner of the company, said most of her customers preferred to rent, as it would take weeks to design a new dress.

photo source: @evabungroup

At her gallery in Central Jakarta, Eva Bun showcases different types of wedding dresses, from mermaid style to long-sleeved ones. Final fitting is done two weeks before the nuptials, and the dress can be altered to match the newest bride’s size. Moreover, rented dresses can be worn for a day and must be returned within three days after the ceremony.

Eva Bun has also other divisions as well, including photography, venue, catering and decoration. Most of her customers are said to prefer a wedding package, as it is considered more efficient and affordable. Couples can book their services two months or even weeks prior to their special day.

Prices for wedding dresses start at Rp 10 million, and customers are required to pay 30 percent in advance. Discounts are available, especially if you book during an exhibition. Information about Eva Bun's wedding packages is available on their Instagram page.

Eva Bun Group
Instagram: @evabungroup
Address: Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 2 B-C-D, Central Jakarta
Phone Number: 021-3853162 & 0818-0878-9888 (WA or SMS)

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