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3 Popular Foods that Can be Found at AEON Jakarta Garden City

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19, December 2017

Long weekend is about to come, Check In Jakarta will give you a recommendation to have a fun holiday, culinary tours in shopping mall. One of Jakarta's shopping malls that offers culinary selection is AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City. Here, you will not only enjoy tasty food, but also can make your Instagram feeds more beautiful. Three of them can be seen here.

1. Cheese Tea from Kamu Tea
This is the most talked-about drink recently. You may have seen this drink so many times on your friend's Instagram post or the people you follow on Instagram. This Thailand drink brand famous for its Cheese Tea. You can find this Cheese Tea from Kamu tea at Ground Floor, AEON Jakarta Garden City.

Cheese Tea made by Kamu looks so unique, that's why this tea-based drink can make your Instagram feeds more cool. The green and a little bit white on the top, plus a cute cup would makes it good to be photographed.

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Cheese Tea consists of matcha and cream cheese poured on the top, and matcha powder. They also seved with a piece of lemon. What a unique drink!

Not only Cheese Tea, Kamu Tea also serves other drinks, like Milk Tea, Thai Tea, Matcha, Fruit Tea or Fresh Tea, Coffee, to Cocoa & Milk. A cup of Kamu Tea's drink priced from Rp 20.000 to Rp 39.000.

2. Cheese Butter Corn Ice Cream from Ezo Cheesecakes
We still talking about dessert, at AEON Jakarta Garden City you will also find corn ice cream, it is Cheese Butter Corn Ice Cream made by Ezo Cheesecakes. This is also a must-try for you, the swee taste just exactly like the real corn with tender texture. There is also a mix of cheese taste complete the ice cream.

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When you start chew the ice cream, you will taste a little bit of left cornhusk. When you have done eat the ice cream part, then you will eat the grilled corn. You can bite the corn that has boiled before, the taste is good! The price for a Cheese Butter Corn Ice Cream is about Rp 38.000.


3. Karaage from Kin No Torikara
The Japanese fried chicken snack is different than common karaage you have ever tried before at other Japanese restaurants. Because, karaage at Kin No Torikara taste so thick with coriander spices.

Photo Source: @kinkara_id

It is more than just fried chicken with coriander spices, here, melted cheese also poured on the karaage. You must be curious, right? Then, go visit AEON Jakarta Garden City this weekend!


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.