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3 Profitable Business Opportunities during Ramadan

By Eskanisa R

15 March 2020

Profitable business opportunities during Ramadan.

In 38 days, Muslims will meet again with a month full of blessings, Ramadan. If you are planning to earn extra money during Ramadan, you can try these three profitable business.

1. Prayer Clothes

It is undeniable that during Ramadan, mosque or mushala will be filled with Muslims who are very excited to pray. Along with great enthusiasm to pray, they tend to buy new prayer clothes whether used by themselves or donated to those in needs. You can sell various prayer clothers, mukena, prayer rugs, koko clothes, sarong, and prayer caps to prayer beads during Ramadan. You can use mouth-to-mouth marketing trick, during tarawih prayers pointedly to social media to promote your business.

2. Eid al-Fitr Outfit

Along with prayer clothes, Eid al-Fitr outfit became a tradition. Muslim begin to buy new Eid al-Fitr outfits in the middle of Ramadan, specifically those who want to look fresh and have matching clothes with whole family and relatives.

If you have no money to start, you can try a dropship system. For example, if you choose Shopee to offer diverse collection of Eid al-Fitr outfir, dropship feature on Shopee allows you to buy products and resell on behalf of sellers who use the (dropship) feature. Products purchase from Shopee will be sent directly to customers.

3. Parcel

This one is perfect choice for those who like to strolling from one to another supermarket to compare prices as well as creative ones. During Ramadan, parcel often used as an ideal choice to greet relatives, co-workers, superiors and close friends.

Made parcels as creative as possible, start from the shape, colour compositions and so forth. Here, you can make various types of parcels with different prices, for example Paket Hemat starts from Rp150.000 to Rp1.000.000. But, make sure, you choose the right items which they need. You should compare prices from one to another supermarkets to get cheap prices. Do not forget to put greeting cards to make your parcels more memorable. Have a good try!

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