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3 Promising Business You Can Start with Instagram

3 Promising Business You Can Start with Instagram


For you and many others spent more time on Instagram, do you realize it can be used as business tool to earn money? So, here are business ideas you can start with Instagram.

1. Online shop

The easiest way to make your online shop grows so fast is increase your followers. Then upload your stuffs, clothes, bags, shoes and many more. The more followers you have, the more you get. You can use InstagramAds to promote your account or endorsement some popular celebrity in Instagram.

2. Entrusted good service

Nowadays, entrusted good service increase among Instagram users. Fashion, cosmetic, gadget or souvenir from overseas can be delivered to your home easily. Those who did not have enough time to travel overseas considered that service more efficient. You can still get benefit because you do not have to lease a shop. Only use your smartphone, make an Instagram account and has manufacturing connection.

3. Makeup artist

Another promising business you can start with Instagram. Like every single woman need to enhance the appearance, and any makeup artist can make it happen. You can create a flawless appearance and upload it. Your Instagram account also can be used as a forum where followers communicate each other.