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3 Reasons Why Business Plan is Important

By Eskanisa R

02 March 2020

3 reasons why business plan is important to make.

Business plan is a foundation you need to make before running your own business. Any kind of business you are running, need to have proper business plan. The main reason is every business people can running their businesses based on plan, hence business plan becomes standard you can expect to realize. And here are three reasons why business plan is important for your business.

1. Basic for Business Strategy

As business person you might be agree if good business is a business that can run well, not just as idea in the mind. The ideas you have should be executed properly. But, how can you execute the idea without any plan? Business plan here serves as foundation in developing business strategies including promotions according your budget.

2. Basic for Developing Business

Just like a home, a business should have a proper plan. For example, what the shape looks like, how to design each room from the floor to the roof, and so forth. Business also needs design as a standard developing products or services you offer to communities. It simply because when you are running business there is always change along with development phase. Hence, business plan ca be revised that can be used for example business expansion.

3. Basic for Managing Finances

Business plan also helps you to manage your finances, both initial and operational. It helps you to tracing initial money, incoming, outgoing money and so forth to make sure you have benefits while running business.



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