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3 Painless Waxing Salons

By Isny Dewi R

06 Mar 2019

Painless Waxing Salons in Jakarta.

Want to try waxing but afraid of pain? Don’t worry! Because there are several waxing salons in Jakarta offer painless waxing treatment. Here are the recommendations!

1. Justwax
The salon is not too spacious, they only have three treatment rooms. But interestingly, they arranged the whole room so well. The concept is very girly and certainly Insta-worthy. What might make you curious is, how can Justwax offer painless waxing?

The wax type used by this waxing salon is hard wax. This liquid is no different iwith caramel wax. But when hard wax is applied to your hairy skin, in only within seconds it will harden immediately. When released from your skin, the hairs will be pulled up to the roots. It feels like you’re just take off the tape.

Photo Source: @justwax_id

Justwax uses two types of hard wax. Brown hard wax to clean fine hairs that grow on your feet, hands and back. While white hard wax for coarse hairs around your female organs and underarms. Hard wax in this salon uses only natural ingredients, so it will not irritate your skin.

Instagram: @justwax_id
Address: Pondok Indah Mall II, B2-North, South Jakarta
Phone Number: 081213448246
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22.00 WIB

2. Waxtime
You can find this waxing salon on the 2nd floor of Rumah Cisanggiri, the same place as Kedai C1no1 and batik shop. It is recommended to make an appointment if you want to wax here.

The therapist at Waxtime is very friendly, calm, but still polite. Before waxing, there will be a pre-check questions session, like is this your first time waxing? When was the last you menstruation? And others. This is not only to make the atmosphere more thaw, but also helps the therapist to take the right steps when waxing.

Waxtime claims as a painless waxing salon, if it hurts it's just like being bitten by a small ant. This is because Waxtime uses hard wax. Besides being certified, hard wax is also safer, and does’t causing pain compared to caramel wax. Besides offering many waxing options, this waxing salon in South Jakarta also provides nail care and massage. About prices, guaranteed friendly to your pocket! Only Rp. 90,000 for Underarms Waxing, and Rp. 180,000 for Bikini Line Waxing.

Photo Source: @waxtime_id

Instagram: @waxtime_id
Address: Jl. Cisanggiri 1 No. 1, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone Number: 0815 8886 996
Opening hours: Mon – Thu: 09.00 – 19.00, Fri & Sat 09.00 – 20.00, Sun: Waxing on the go only

3. Browhaus and Strip
Browhaus and Strip are actually two separate waxing salons under one group that have come together for a unique joint branch in the Grand Indonesia. Both brands were established by Cynthia Chua in Singapore, with each boasting specialties that focus on different areas of the body while offering the highest quality products and treatments handled by experts.

Strip, with its tagline "Ministry of waxing", was founded first in 2002 with the aim of transforming the culture of waxing to be more hygienic and less painful. Although it offers hair removal services across every nook and cranny of the body, Strip is known for its Brazilian Waxing. There are also offered to men, such as for areas across the upper and lower body parts, face, hands and feet.

You can choose between hard and soft wax for several treatments, as well as a Powerpac technique that uses the patented Advanced Fluorescence Technology, claimed to be the next generation semi-permanent hair reduction technology.

While Browhaus, specializes in eyebrow grooming. Among the signature treatments are the Brow Resurrection, which offers realistic hair strands from root to tip for the perfect brows.

Browhaus & Strip
Instagram: @stripjkt
Address: LG Floor Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta
Phone Number: (021) 23580316
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22.00 WIB