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3 Secrets to Run Successful Accommodation Business

By Eskanisa R

11 Mar 2019

Earn more money from your accommodation business with these tips.

Nowadays, having a side business to gain your income is a must. There are a lot of opportunities you can choose as side business, like accommodation, especially for those who have unused house or building.

Although there is a lot of accommodations in Jakarta, in fact, people demand makes this business have a good opportunity to make your pocket full. First and foremost, before you run an accommodation business, you should consider the location of your house or building. Is it strategic or not?

Second, determine accommodation type based on target market. If your target is people who only need a place to rest and does not care about the supported hotel facilities, such as students or office workers, it is not necessary to choose bed & breakfast concept, accommodation with free breakfast for any guests. Then focus on your location, cleanliness, standard furniture, including bed, cupboard, chair and table, Wi-Fi access and parking area.

However, if your target is individual leisure or business traveller or those who need to stay little bit longer in Jakarta, you can choose the concept of bed & breakfast, you provide hotel-like accommodation, bed and breakfast for them.

Last but not least, the successful of your accommodation business depends on promotion strategy. With development of technology, you can use any kind social medias as a promotion tools. Make the promotion as attractive as possible to gain the occupancy. If your concept is bed & breakfast, you can make them interest with special weekend promo or other promo like 3 Days 2 Night and off season deals.