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3 Things to Avoid When You're Growing Your Social Media Presence

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17, July 2018

If you're a small business owner, you are probably already active in social media. And if you're not active, we would guess that you're at least considering getting started with social media.

Whether your favorite network is Facebook or Instagram, there are some things you should avoid doing if you want to grow your business. Here are three things you should not do when using social media for business.

1. Slow Response
The customer is king. You might have known this quote, but you still have not apply it fully. They tend to be the don’t-want-to-know person about why you take so long answering their questions. All they know is you have to answer it immediately, because you need them.

For example, if they ask you is the product ready? Answer it quickly! It can be they need it so much, and have to get the product as soon as possible.

If you answer it slowly, it will relieve their trust on you, and prefer other seller. It is also important to notify your operational hours, especially in giving respond your customers. So they will know when to ask, and will understand if one time you forced to slowly answerin their questions.

2. Not Update
Trust us, there is no people who knows anything about your business if you don’t tell them. Mostly they wondering about something because of a statement or an information. So, don’t be lazy to updating any information about your business.

For example, tell them if you have new product, discount, or the stock sold out. Updating information rarely will makes your customers doubt to buy your product. It will also makes your customers turned away, because they almost never seen you post something o your social media. They will think you’re not longer selling.

3. Share Too Much
Spam isn't just for email anymore, it has also entered the world of social media. Figuring out what spamming is on social sites is tricky because there is not an "opt-in," per se. Some forms of social media spamming to stay away from including unsolicited sales pitches, posting the same updates over and over.

Don’t post automatic and spammy links they never work. Avoid broadcasting, social media is not another advertising channel. Engage in conversation.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.