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3 Things You Should Never Do in a Job Interview

By Eskanisa R

30 Jul 2019

Things you should never do in a job interview.

Land to your dream job actually getting tougher every single day. It is possible for you and other job hunter to compete each other for a position in a company. While recruiters always take the advantage of interview to find out more about your skills. In order to make your interview going well, these three things you should never do.

1. Being Late

Coming on time to the interview related to your discipline. If you are being late, it is possible to ruin the schedule of interview. Recruiters may be have long queue to be interviewed on day beside yourself. Do not let recruiters think you are lack of integrity because being late to the interview.

2. Lack of Preparation

At least, you already read website of company you head-up to right before interview or even before you start sending applications. So, when you have the opportunity to ask, you are no longer ask only general questions, like “What does your company do?”, “What is my position at work?” or even job description related to that position where you can find the answer right on the website. You can ask more important questions, like sort of valuable training you can get, facilities and so on.

3. Excessively Description of Yourself

In most companies, during interviews, you would be asked to describe yourself. It can be a great opportunity to give positive impression yet boomerang if you give too much information which is not related the questions. For example, describing too much information about achievement in previous companies, it may be misleading for recruiters and make them less respect. You can simply tell about your strengths yet weaknesses include ability you really have.