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3 Tips: How Culinary Business can Survive due COVID-19 Pandemic

By Eskanisa R

15 April 2020

Simple ways to save your culinary business due COVID-19 pandemic.

Large-Scale Social Restriction or PSBB due to COVID-19 pandemic becomes another challenging phase for business owners including culinary sector. Because, lot of those businesses are forced to temporarily close either consumers cannot purchase products or minimise the spread of COVID-19. So, here are ways to survive your business due COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Order Food Online

Large-Scale Social Restriction surely limit people activities out of the home. Government allows restaurants or cafes open but prohibited from serving consumers to dine-in. Hence, they can take-away or order food online.

If your culinary business has the opportunity to be run online, you can join with GoFood or GrabFood (food delivery services of Indonesia’s ride-hailing applications; Gojek and Grab). To join as their partner takes time, while awaiting approval you can provide your own food delivery services.

2. Promotion

Use any social media to promote your business, Facebook, Instagram to Twitter, ensure users know your latest promotion. Make attractive ones to increase brand awareness (the ability of consumers recognize and remember your brand) as well as sales itself. For example, if you offering ayam geprek (smashed chicken), you can start with promo buy 2 free drinks or buy 5 get 6, and so forth.

3. Cutting Prices

Most of consumers affected this pandemic way more selective to spend their money. Therefore, cutting prices becomes realistic choice to keep your consumers willing to buy due to quarantine.



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