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3 Practical Tips To Make Your Résumé Perfect

By Isny Dewi R

11 Sep 2017

Simple tips to make a perfect resume.

Your resume is your own personal promotional advertisement, including sufficient information to sell your skills and experience will determine whether you are asked for an interview. Your resume should highlight the most attention-grabbing, impressive and unique details about you, your work and your skills. It’s important that your resume and cover letter be specifically meshed toward a particular opportunity. Here are few creative ways to greatly improve your resume.

1. Resume Length
You should be very specific about your resume length. If you have of seven years of experience working at different positions, your resume should be two pages. With low work experience, write a one page resume.

2. Highlight Your Expertise, Capabilities, and Skills
Contemplate your interests, experiences, skills, and achievements that you want to showcase to a potential employer. Try to add the obvious yet essential qualities of yours to make yourself unique and impress the employer. To have a satisfying career it is essential to understand your interests, expertise and qualities.

3. Link to Your Portfolio
If you send it digitally, the links will prove what you’re saying. If you’re printing your résumé on paper, it’ll at least provide intuitive access to your own portfolio.


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