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3 Tips to Avoid Car Sickness

3 Tips to Avoid Car Sickness


How do you keep from getting derailed when leisure takes you from your routine? Here are three easiest tips to stay healthy while traveling, without any medication.

1. Eat your breakfast

Make sure to eat your breakfast before go. Always start the day with a high protein breakfast, it will fuel your morning and help you to avoid the nausea. Keep milk, fatty food to a minimum.

2. Get enough sleep

No matter where you go, there are always opportunities to sleep. Nausea caused by any activity that make your head down, like reading a book or getting busy with your phone. Feel bored? You can listening some peaceful songs while sleeping.

3. Fresh air

Keep yourself loaded with fresh air to avoid nausea. You can choose either the front seat of a car or keep suitcases light to avoid serious shoulder and back injuries, also make your body relax.