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3 Tricks to Fix a Water Damaged Smartphone

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
14, August 2017

You probably suffers this incident, your smartphone dip into water or spill by water. After that incident, non-waterproof smartphone will hang or die. Some users just leaving it to death. But, there are some tricks to save your smartphone.

1. Turn off your phone

You are probably getting wrong if assuming your smartphone is going to be okay after that incident. After the incident, on or off, your smartphone should be turn off to avoid permanent damage caused of short-circuit. 

2. Dab your phone dry

Use anything, like tissue, to dab your phone dry. To avoid spreading water around, shake your smartphone. 

3. Soak up more

If body smartphone dry enough, soak up as much as possible inside the body with absorbing moisture element like rice. Actually, rice is not the best absorbing element, but easily to find. Another options is silica gel that you can find in the new electronic box. Soak your smartphone into the rice or silica gel for 24-hours. For the best result, soak more up to 48-hours. 

These tricks can be applied for smartphone that dip into the ocean or spilled by sodas, accidentally. Because those two elements cause rust in every smartphone elements. 

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani