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3 Types of Plants Help Reduce Air Pollution

By Eskanisa R

21 Aug 2019

Plants types help reduce air pollution.

Have you read previous article about easy way to reduce air pollution in Jakarta? There is also another easy way help to reduce air pollution, plants. Department of Food, Maritime and Agriculture of KPKP called Jakartans to plant both indoor and outdoor plants like lidah mertua (mother-in-law’s tongue) to reduce air pollution.

Mother-in-law’s tongue has the great ability to absorb harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and benzene. This plant can even grow with a little amount of water and sun rays. You can plant both indoor and outdoor. Put on your work desk, near television shelf or outside your home as a semi-permanent fence. If you put near electronic stuffs include laptop and television, it can also absorb radiation.

Next plant has a lot of benefits is sirih gading (Betel Ivory). You can put into a pot or make vertical garden. If you plant in the ground, trunk of Betel Ivory tends to grow bigger than using pot, they grow a lot of new leaves. Betel Ivory helps you to absorb uncountable carbon monoxide.

Last but not least, there is a cactus. This unique plant known for the resistance of hot weather. Beside a decoration, it has a lot of benefits include air purifiers and anti-radiation. To reduce radiation effect from computer or laptop you use, you can put mini cactus on your work desk. Moreover, when the night comes, cactus work actively absorbing carbon dioxide for better air.



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